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Super high-quality, high-strength neos, alnico, high-heat, high-power, ceramic, rails, tube & grate, plate, magnetic tools and flex magnetic tools.

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Circular, rectangular, V-block, parallel pole, heavy-duty, AC & DC electromagnets, power supplies and cords for automation and robotics.

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Permanent & electromagnets for lifting, bundling, stacking, moving, transferring structural shapes, plate and all ferrous materials.

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AEC has designed and built thousands of affordable, durable custom magnets since 1961. Call and discuss your specific application!

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Permanent and Electromagnets for Automation

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

AEC Magnetics: Your Industrial Magnetics Solution


Universal Stainless Custom ElectromagnetIf you wish to make your automation operation safer, easier and more affordable, look no further than AEC for permanent magnets, electromagnets, magnetic tools and power supplies.  AEC designs, manufactures and sells the industry's finest magnetic solutions. We have been providing world-class industrial magnetics solutions worldwide since 1961. Whether off-the-shelf or custom, AEC industrial magnets safely and reliably lift, position, transfer, sort and release ferrous materials.  We hand-build, and individually test, every electromagnet we make. AEC Magnetics permanent and electromagnets are guaranteed to work or your money back. Please take a moment to look greg dynamometerthrough our offerings.AEC electromagnets, lift magnets, flexible magnetic materials, rare-earth magnets (including super-strength neodymium magnets), magnetic tools, bar and horseshoe magnets and magnetic cup assemblies are built of top-grade materials. Most all are in stock, ready to ship to your dock or door. If not, we will make it for you on demand. We offer sturdy power supplies and battery backups and certify, repair and rebuild magnets. Please call and talk to an AEC Magnetics specialist right now.We would love to hear about your application. We are here 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight time. We are interested in hearing about your application and are ready to recommend an affordable, reliable magnetic solution. Use our 57 years of industrial magnetics experience to your advantage.  We are differentthan our competitors.  AEC Magnetics does not sell magnets. We provide magnetic solutions.  In your web search, you have probably seen online stores or magnet companies only offer you online shopping cart or a sales contact. At AEC Magnetics, we welcome the opportunity to serve you 
300 bill shop electricpanelin a different way.  Here, a knowledgeable AEC magnetics specialist will give you all the timenecessary to ask questions and understand exactly how your magnet will work. We work with you to select the perfect magnet and offer it at a fair price. Finding that perfect solution is what we strive for for every customer who calls. Rare Earth Disks 300 2AEC truly values your businessWe enjoy hearing about different applications and find no greater satisfaction than sharing our more than one-half-century of magnetics knowledge and experience with you.  AEC Magnetics supplies major industrial manufacturers worldwide as well as home and business. You will find no better customer experience in this industry. You certainly will not find a better industrial magnetics resource. Permanent magnets, electromagnets, industrial magnetics, magnetic tools and specialty magnets,  AEC Magnetics offers the best magnetic solutions in the industry.  This is how AEC Magnetics has done things for 57 years. Our founder, Richard M. Klaus, created AEC in 1961.  Our president, Bill Klaus, celebrated his 36th horseshoe assy red 300AEC anniversary this past summer. Bill joined AEC  after graduating from The Ohio State University, where he majored in mechanical engineering and business.  Bill's entire career has been in magnetics, especially in automation processes and industrial magnetics. The State of Ohio honored Bill, and his father, Richard, and the business they built,for its valuable contributions to manufacturing excellence, a hallmark of this region and this state. If you ask Bill, he will tell you the secret to AEC's success is simple: quality magnetic solutions, one customer at a time. "Anyone can sell you a magnet," he said. "No one can sell you a better magnetic solution than AEC Magnetics."  






  • Price Increase 12/12/2018 21:22:57

    A message from AEC president Bill Klaus: I’ve just received word that, beginning immediately, permanent magnet prices will rise. This is due to several significant factors that affect the China permanent magnetics industry. As you are probably aware, China produces most all of the world's permanent magnetics.  I am sharing with you, below, the letter I received from one of AEC Magnetics' most trusted China suppliers because it sums up the situation succinctly and accurately,  Many China rare...

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  • AEC Loves The Daily Grind! 11/12/2018 16:50:04

    We welcome "the daily grind" here at AEC Magnetics, as it means we are getting product manufacturied and out the door! Marc is makiing ES-1525-24C electros that will be shipped to Fastenal. We serve Fastenal locations all over the country. Linda has begun labeling, packaging and packing the products so she can ship them today.  Fastenal uses our convenient scheduled blanket order service, where we release and ship orders as scheduled by the customer.  If you have a large quantity, or wish to...

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  • Trade, Talk, Tariffs 11/08/2018 17:27:23

    Browsing through articles in one of our favorite industries, marine, AEC Magnetics caught this article in the trade pub, "Soundings Trade Only."  It is representative of a lot of trade discussion over tariffs.  The article is entitled, "Trade War Troubles," by Reagan Haynes.  We've been seeing similar articles in different sectors that detail how recent trade tariffs with China are negatively affecting some manufacturing...

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  • A Real WorkHORSE 11/08/2018 15:53:12

    AEC packs the maximum amount of magnetized material for the size in these horseshoe magnets.   See the flat ends?  These are the two magnetic poles, north and south. You can see they are close together.  This creates a strong magnetic field.  See the chubby design?  That means strength and sturdiness.  AEC customers love our permanent magnetic horseshoes for retrieving ferrous materials from hot and corrosive liquids, like plating applications.  Another popular use? Welding. Nothing holds as tight....

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