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Super high-quality, high-strength neos, alnico, high-heat, high-power, ceramic, rails, tube & grate, plate, magnetic tools and flex magnetic tools.

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Circular, rectangular, V-block, parallel pole, heavy-duty, AC & DC electromagnets, power supplies and cords for automation and robotics.

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Permanent & electromagnets for lifting, bundling, stacking, moving, transferring structural shapes, plate and all ferrous materials.

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AEC has designed and built thousands of affordable, durable custom magnets since 1961. Call and discuss your specific application!

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Magnetics Specialists for Automation

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

bill check shirt desk 2AEC Magnetics has more than 60 years of industrial magnetics experience.  We've been designing, building and providing world-class magnetic automation solutions for manufacturing since 1961.  Our president, Bill Klaus, designs our power supplies, controls, electromagnets and magnetic tools; he's been at it since 1981.  Bill is the best at knowing how magnets behave in manufacturing and industrial environmets. Put Bill's tremendous experience to the test to see what he can do for you!

Richard M. Klaus founded AEC Magnetics in 1961, pioneering the use of electromagnetics in automation. Since then, we've developed tens of thousands of custom and stock magnetic solutions to lift, hold, bundle, sift, transfer and handle ferrous materials for our customers' manufacturing processes. Bill is Richard's son. He joined AEC after graduation from The Ohio State University with dual degrees in business and engineering. Bill has spent his entire career designing and building automation solutions at AEC. Please read our interesting story here, there is really no other like it!  

Don't waste your time searching the Internet, click here to contact Bill Klaus at AEC.  Bill doesn't sell magnets, he provides solutions. Bill has seen it, designed it or repaired it. Another great thing about Bill is he genuinely enjoys talking to customers and learning about their businesses.  He'll take all the time necessary to understand what you need before offering a safe, affordable, guaranteed magnetic solution. Or, he might explain why a magnetic solution may not work for you. 

aec power supply nobgAEC Magnetics power supplies, magnetic tools, permanent magnets and electromagnets--from small end-of-arm-tooling for electromagnets to large electromagnets that lift, bundle and transfer material--are in service at factories and manufacturing facilities worldwide. We hand-make our electromagnets out of top-grade components. Forged eyebolts, high-grade copper, the best epoxy available. AEC cores are hand-wound, wiring hand-soldered piece by piece. Every AEC magnet is tested before it leaves our dock, and is guaranteed to work as promised when it gets to your door.  

AEC is also an original importer of permanent magnets from China, building the industry's most reliable supply chain of producers and suppliers long before other companies. Purchasing an AEC magnet ensures no substitutions in grade or quality. With our more than 60 years of industrial magnetics experience, you can be sure you are getting the "real deal," not some cheap imitation. AEC Magnetics' 60+ years, and Bill Klaus's 40+ years, of magnetics and material handling experience is a tremendous advantage over our competitors. 

Rare Earth Disks 300 2
Please take a moment to browse through industrial magnetics products here on our website, and download our catalog. We are here to help you if you can't find what you are looking for, or if you need assistance of any kind.  Our permanent magnets, flexible magnetic products, magnetic tools, bar and horseshoe magnets, magnetic cup assemblies, super-strength neodymiums and rare earth magnets are top-grade, safe and affordable. Check out AEC power supplies and battery backups.   AEC magnetic services department offers repair, refurbishment and certification services.  

Before you call around or search the 'net, pick up the phone and ask for to Bill,Bill Klaus AEC President Desk or any of our AEC Magnetics specialists.   We will find just the right magnetic solution for you--an affordable, reliable and safe solution that is guaranteed or your money back. This is how we are truly different from our competitors.  Bill will tell you AEC was founded  specifically to offer quality magnetic solutions, one customer at a time.  We are flattered to have many imitators, but for 60 years, if it's been magnetic, it's been AEC. For tens of thousands of industrial magnetics applications, if it's magnetic, it's AEC. As Bill says, "Anyone can sell you a magnet, but no one can sell you a better magnetic solution than we can."


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