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Super high-quality, high-strength neos, alnico, high-heat, high-power, ceramic, rails, tube & grate, plate, magnetic tools and flex magnetic tools.

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Circular, rectangular, V-block, parallel pole, heavy-duty, AC & DC electromagnets, power supplies and cords for automation and robotics.

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Permanent & electromagnets for lifting, bundling, stacking, moving, transferring structural shapes, plate and all ferrous materials.

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AEC has designed and built thousands of affordable, durable custom magnets since 1961. Call and discuss your specific application!

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Permanent and Electromagnets for Automation

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

Electromagnets ManufacturingAEC electromagnets are hand-made to order.

Look no further--your industrial magnetics solution is right here!

Electromagnets and permanent magnets make automation safer, easier and more affordable. AEC Magnetics designs, manufactures and sells the industry's finest industrial magnets. We have been providing world-class industrial magnetics solutions for automation since 1961. Off-the-shelf or custom, AEC electromagnets, permanent magnets, magnetic tools, power supplies and accessories safely and reliably lift, position, transfer, sort and release ferrous materials.  We hand-build and individually test every electromagnet we make. AEC Magnetics permanent and electromagnets are guaranteed to work or your money back. Name your industrial magnet: electromagnet, lift magnet, flexible magnetic material, rare-earth magnet, magnetic tool, bar or horseshoe magnet, magnetic cup assembly, super-strong neodymium magnet, AEC Magnetics has it, ready to ship to your dock or door. 

THREE COUNTERSUNK NEOS Our magnets are top-grade...Call to speak to an AEC Magnetics specialist today.  

We would love to hear about your application. We will recommend to you an affordable, reliable magnetic solution. Put our 57 years of industrial magnetics experience to work for you.  We are different than our competitors.  AEC Magnetics does not sell magnets. We provide magnetic solutions.  In your web search, you have probably seen online stores or magnet companies that offer you online shopping or a phone or email link to a salespeprson. At AEC Magnetics, we welcome the opportunity to serve you in a different way.  Here, a knowledgeable AEC magnetics specialist will give you all the time necessary to ask questions and understand exactly how your magnet will work. We work with you to select the perfect magnet and offer it at a fair price. Finding that perfect solution is what we strive for for every customer.  

3 copper spools aecOur materials are top-grade...We truly value your business, enjoy hearing about your application and find no greater satisfaction than sharing our more than one-half-century of magnetics knowledge and experience with you.  You will find no better customer experience in this industry. You certainly will not find a better industrial magnetics resource. Permanent magnets, electromagnets, industrial magnetics, magnetictools and specialty magnets:  AEC Magnetics offers the best magnetic solutions in the industry.  

Bill Klaus AEC President Desk.....and so is our president!This is how AEC Magnetics has done things for 57 years. Our president, Bill Klaus, celebrates his 36th AEC anniversary next month. Bill joined AEC one month after graduating from The Ohio State University, where he majored in mechanical engineering and business.  His engineering focus has been on magnetics, particularly automation equipment and industrial magnetics, ever since. Ask Bill will tell you the secret to AEC's success is quality magnetic solutions, one customer at a time. Anyone can sell you a magnet. No one can sell you a better magnetic solution. The bottom line is this:  If it's's AEC!



  • NY Times: How Rare Earths Could Be Crucial In A U.S.-China Trade War 07/13/2018 19:52:52

    The New York Tiimes article dated July 12, 2018, is an interesting take on rare earths and the U.S.-China trade war.   The Times is right.  Rare earths are critical and China has the corner in producing them. Our China suppliers keep us very informed and up-to-date on production and planning, and AEC knows China slashed its rare earths production quota by 70 percent this year, in some part because they were plentiful in the world market in 2017. Some analysts believe that, in case of a repeat of...

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  • The Hearts of Children 06/04/2018 18:48:18

    The strogest attractive force on earth is not a magnet.  It is the hearts of these children behind me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Hi, I'm Patricia Klaus from AEC Magnetics.  Corazon de Ninos attracted me, and AEC Magnetics, a few years ago at Mass and forged a forever bond with us.  Corazon de Nina, or "Heart of the Child," is a home for almost 60 at-risk boys and girls in Puerto Vallarta. Corazon's story is amazing. Puerto Vallarta is incredibly poor in many areas.  An overwhelming number of children...

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  • The Greatest Job You've Never Heard Of. 05/29/2018 14:40:13

    The greatest job you've never heard of may be magnet technican.  Specializing in making AEC electromagnets and magnetic tools, our magnet techs are a rare combination of craftsman, electrical specialist, specialty shipper, machinist and quality control specialist.  We are proud of our magnet techs, and are grateful for their many years of experience and service to AEC.   A magnet specialist's typical day isn't typical. It may include reading engineering drawings, winding copper coils, pouring epoxy,...

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  • Eye For An Eye 05/14/2018 16:44:30

    Caught in the crossfire? Fanny, one of AEC's trusted sourcing partners in China, says AEC permanent magnetics shipments are moving dependably despite the tenuous trade situation between China and the U.S. Both countries have been skirmishing, but so far, permanent magnetic materials have not been caught in the crossfire. Other products, not so lucky.  Agricultural products, like apples, are being delayed upon arrival in China.  China claims pests were found in some U.S. fruit and vegetable...

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