AEC Industrial Magnetics Manufacturing

4699 Interstate Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246


Super high-quality, high-strength neos, alnico, high-heat, high-power, ceramic, rails, tube & grate, plate, magnetic tools and flex magnetic tools.

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Circular, rectangular, V-block, parallel pole, heavy-duty, AC & DC electromagnets, power supplies and cords for automation and robotics.

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Permanent & electromagnets for lifting, bundling, stacking, moving, transferring structural shapes, plate and all ferrous materials.

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AEC has designed and built thousands of affordable, durable custom magnets since 1961. Call and discuss your specific application!

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AEC Magnetics

4699 Interstate Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio  45246

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  • Broken Trade Ties = Broken Magnets? 08/29/2019 15:11:46

    With all of the rigmarole surrounding the U.S-China trade tension, a number of queries coming in to AEC Magnetics concern quality,  price and availability, since China is permanent magnet-maker to the world.  While we don't speak for the industry, we...

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  • Permanent and Electromagnets for Automation 08/28/2019 15:47:09

    For safer, easier and more affordable automation, look no further than AEC Magnetics. When it comes to electro- and permanent magnetics, AEC stands out. AEC electromagnets are built by hand.  Each is tested and comes with a guarantee. AEC permanent...

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  • What Are REEs? 08/19/2019 17:00:27

    The soundtrack from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a video game that's set in a Cold War in 2025, includes a great cut called "Rare Earth Elements." Coincidentally, rare earth elements (REEs) are actually a pawn in real life gamesmanship between the U.S....

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  • Oops! Lab Accident Spins Up A Liquid Magnet 08/06/2019 20:23:08

    Researchers accidentally discovered what is believed to be the world's first liquid magnet! Working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in California, scientists Thomas Russell, from UMass, and Xubo Liu, of Beijing University of Chemical...

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