AEC Industrial Magnetics Manufacturing

4699 Interstate Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246


Super high-quality, high-strength neos, alnico, high-heat, high-power, ceramic, rails, tube & grate, plate, magnetic tools and flex magnetic tools.

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Circular, rectangular, V-block, parallel pole, heavy-duty, AC & DC electromagnets, power supplies and cords for automation and robotics.

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Permanent & electromagnets for lifting, bundling, stacking, moving, transferring structural shapes, plate and all ferrous materials.

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AEC has designed and built thousands of affordable, durable custom magnets since 1961. Call and discuss your specific application!

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AEC Magnetics

4699 Interstate Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio  45246

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  • Shipping Update: A Long Wait 09/07/2021 17:41:27

    The worldwide shipping crisis continues to wreak havoc. AEC Magnetics' latest shipment of permanent magnets has been offloaded and is awaiting devanning. It will be a lengthy wait. Shipping remains incredibly backed up. Here are today's highlights:...

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  • Record Number Of Ships From Asia Await Offloading 08/31/2021 16:08:08

    A record 44 ships were awaiting offloading at U.S. sister ports Long Beach and Los Angeles (see above) as of August 30, the United States' largest ports for goods coming from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan.  Serious problems are...

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  • Alert: Worldwide Shipping Crisis Affecting Permanent Magnet Price And Availability 08/24/2021 16:03:42

    A series of critical circumstances is disrupting shipping and supply chains worldwide. Ninety percent of the world’s goods are shipped by sea, and two-thirds of those goods are shipped by container. China shipping is most affected. This is...

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  • The Excitement of Possibility 08/02/2021 18:49:41

    Congratulations to the president of our company!  Today, August 2, 2021, marks the 39th anniversary of Bill Klaus's "temporary job" at AEC Magnetics.  Or, as Bill would say, my 40th year begins today.  Bill joined AEC Magnetics in a temporary role...

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