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300 papa sepiaAEC celebrates its 60th birthday Aprill 1, 2021.  Our founder, Cincinnatian Richard Klaus,  incorporated AEC April 1, 1961, just days after Powel Crosley died. Crosley, a fellow Cincinnatian, was a wildly successful inventor whose gadgets, appliances and radios were in practically every home. Anyone with a lick of engineering sense was caught up in inventing the next-best something-or-other.  Mr. Klaus was. He invented the automatic shutoff valve for gasoline pump hoses before turning to automation equipment. A top U.S. manufacturing city, Cincinnati's 72 square miles were jam-packed with factories galore. Mr. Klaus's magnetic automation equipment began improving manufacturing processes, making it safer, affordable and faster, eventually serving manufacturing facilities worldwide.

The real attraction. It wasn't Mr. Klaus's ingenious magnetic automation solutions alone that fueled AEC Magnetics' success. Customers liked his electromagnets, but they loved his magnetic solutions.  Mr. Klaus's genuine curiosity and willingness to "take as long as it takes" to listen, answer questions and find solutions became AEC Magnetics' hallmark--a distinction that is well-known today.  

AEC Industrial Magnetics Sales and Services:William  Klaus, Richard’s son, sees to that.  An Ohio State University mechanical engineer with a dual degree in logistics, Bill has spent his entire professional career  designing and building automated manufacturing solutions.  “Anyone can sell a magnet, especially on the internet" he said. “But the internet, a salesperson or a receptionist can't always tell you how a magnet will work in different applications. I've spent my whole life at AEC Magnetics, working with customers, listening to and really understanding their applications and respecting their budget and time concerns.  I can confidently recommend safe, strong, affordable magnetic solutions for virtually any automation process. This is really important. We hear from so many customers totally frustrated with the back-and-forth, trial-and-error of figuring out magnets on their own or through others who aren't magnetics specialist.  We can, and do, eliminate that immediately." 

0 bill inspecting controls in electric dept in shopA special commendation was bestowed upon AEC and the Klauses by Ohio’s 129th General Assembly April 1, 2011, for its 50 successful years and a hope for many more. “E-commerce may expand competitors' sales, but we will remain focused on personal technical help.  With 59 years of magnetics and automation experience, AEC is fast and accurate finding a solution for you.  No salesmen or switchboards, no explaining and re-explaining, just smart experienced magnetic specialists who take the time to listen, answer your questions and offer solid magnetic solutions for you.  You will not find more personal service in the industry." AEC also works with design engineers to incorporate its magnets into end-of-arm-tooling, robotics, separation equipment, lifting, safety door applications, conveying, bundling, stacking and any project that may benefit from the safety, durability, reliability and affordability of magnetic automation versus noisy and expensive pneumatics.  

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