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woolywillie aecmagneticsBack in the day, most of us had our first encounter with magnets at Woolworth's, when we'd plunk down 29-cents for a Wooly Willy, that plastic bubble-covered cardboard face. It came with a cool llittle magnet, and the plastic bubble over Willy's face was filled with metal shavings. You'd just pull it around to make carzy mustaches, weird beards and wacky hair-dos; then shake and repeat.  Those more curious about magnets sprinkled iron filings on a piece of paper set on top of a magnet to see the invisible lines of magnetic force.  And now, on the Magnetic Games Channel on YouTube, you can see these lines in three dimensions. Gizmodo has a fascinating feature about a permanent magnet bouncing on a trampoline contrapion covered in magnetitie.  Thank you, super-slow-mo camera!  neos in box 400
AEC Magnetics has all strengths and sizes of superstrength permanent magnets in a myriad of holding powers and dimensions. We have magnetic experts who would love to answer your questions about permanent magnets for industrial automation.  See how tiny magnets are big workhorses in industrial magnetics. They are used to hold, affix, sift, lift--and they never need power!  It's incredible the strength these mighty magnets have for their size. We have been in business since 1961 and can answer most any question about permanent and electromagnets. Please browse through our permanent magnets and magnetic toolng to see for yourself!   If it's's AEC!

Scientists at the University of Tokyo blew the doors off the world for building the world's strongest controlled magnetic field.  Literally.  Check out the video and see the incredibly heavy doors blown to smithereens as the electromagnetic field reached the gargantuan strength of 1,200 teslas.  That is 400 times more powerful than an MRI machine, which produces about three teslas.  This smashed the previous record of 1,000 teslas.

Don't try this at home. The scientists pumped 3.2 megajoules of energy into a small electromagnetic coil. The coil collapsed when it reached 15 times the speed of sound. This squeezed and squeezed the magnetic field inside into a tighter and tighter space. It exploded from the incredible electromagnetic force and blew the doors off the lab.  The scientists were not injured, as they conducted the experiment from a shielded control room. We hope they wore their safety goggles that day.  

Congratulations on the new record, from AEC Magnetics.

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AEC Celebrates Greg 25th

Congratulations to Greg!

AEC Magnetics celebrated Greg's 25th anniversary at AEC Magnetics December 21 here at our Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing facility.  Greg is our Master Magnet Technician.  If you bought an AEC electromagnet or permanent magnetic tool within the last quarter-century, it's very likely Greg built it, or one of its components. Greg comes in, ready to work, every day, to build the finest industrial magnets in the business. He has been making and testing AEC Magnetics' electro- and permanent magnetic tools longer than any magnet technician we know of, and doing it better than anyone in the industry. Greg has no plans to stop building, testing, certifying, rebuilding and refurbishing our magnets (and those of our competitors). We guarantee every magnet Greg makes, and believe that AEC's hallmark of quality industrial magnetics is, in large part, due to Greg, the best magnet technician in the business.  Thank you, Greg, for making the industry's finest industrial magnetics:  AEC Magnetics.  Congratulations to you and your family on this milestone, from your grateful AEC Magnetics Family.

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Bill Klaus AEC President Desk A message from AEC president Bill Klaus:

I’ve just received word that, beginning immediately, permanent magnet prices will rise. This is due to several significant factors that affect the China permanent magnetics industry. As you are probably aware, China produces most all of the world's permanent magnetics.  I am sharing with you, below, the letter I received from one of AEC Magnetics' most trusted China suppliers because it sums up the situation succinctly and accurately, 

  • Many China rare earth smelters stopped production this month to modify manufacturing facilities;
  • The world’s largest rare earths refinery reduced production this month due to lack of government approval; 
  • Customs closed at an important Chinese port. This prevents China from importing alternate materials from Myanmar;  
  • Several China separation plants closed this month after filling their production quotas.

 Dear Bill,

Some of our clients care about the NdFeb magnet price tendency recently,as they got some news also from the internet.So probably you will be also interested in...the information below :

  1. In December, part of factories of rare earth smelting separating manufactures will stop production for internal rectification, which will lead to 1,500 tons decreasing of the monthly production of Praseodymium oxide neodymium.
  2. The world’s largest rare earth refinery, Lynas plans to reduce production 400 tons of Praseodymium oxide neodymium in December due to lack of production approval.
  3. Myanmar mixed rare earth minerals can’t be imported to China as Yunnan Tengchong Customs closed, which have huge impact on the supply of rare earths especially the medium and heavy rare earth material. At present, the Chian-Myanmar port has not yet to normal. It is estimated that the production of Praseodymium oxide neodymium will reduce about 450 tons.
  4. Some rare earth separation plants have completed the rare earth aims at the end of the year, and the output has been reduced. Some of them have stopped production inspections. The shutdown of some rare earth enterprises is also a supporting factor for rare earth prices.

All the above statistics show that the global production of Praseodymium oxide neodymium will decrease by about 2,350 tons in December. At present, monthly consumption of Praseodymium oxide neodymium is about 5,000 tons, and the output is reduced by nearly 50%, which will inevitably support the price increase of Praseodymium oxide neodymium.

Just for your reference, the NdFeb magnet price will go up more or less in this month.

 Best Regards...

AEC Magnetics anticipates no product shortages at this time but encourages bulk and blanket orders to guarantee pricing. We will continue to monitor the permanent magnetic materials market closely and report news to you our website. With more than 90 percent of the world’s permanent magnetic materials mined and processed in China, this, of course, is beyond our control, but our strong and long relationships with our China suppliers allows us to give you a heads-up on price alerts, trade issues and industry trends. Follow such news here, in our blog section.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please contact us with any questions, and if you would like a quote, I will make sure you get one quickly.

Bill Klaus  

President, AEC Magnetics

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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