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700 neosIf you can drill it, we can make it magnetic with AEC countersunk magnets.  Simply slip a screw through the hole and drill it on to any surface:  wood, glass, brick, stone.  Our countersunk magnets are sturdy, affordable and guaranteed to work as promised.   Gary is standing by in shipping and can get yours out the door today.   

AEC Magnetics has super strong permanent magnets in virtually any shape, size, holding power, material and finish, for a variety of applications.  horseshoe assy red 300Horseshoe, bar, button, ceramic, neodymium, Download our catalog, here, to see some of the varieties we offer. Call us or send us an e-mail message  and allow us to put our 58 years of magnetics experience to work for you. Surf the 'net and choose magnets you think will be the best for your project, or pick up the phone and ask us so you know what will work for you.  We have been doing this for two generations and we know how magnets behave.  AEC magnetics has a full line of permanent magnets, and small electromagnets, lift magnets, magnetic tools, flexible magnets, power supplies, battery backups and a complete magnet repair and certifification department. We design great custom magnetic solutions.  If it's's AEC!


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richard klausAEC Magnetics is grateful to our U.S. Armed Forceveterans, especially today.  On this day, we fondly remember our founder, Richard Moore Klaus, himself a U.S. Army veteran.  Mr. Klaus served as a radio corpsman in World War II.  This was one of Mr. Klaus's favorite days.  First, he cherished the days spent with those with whom he served.  He spoke often and fondly about the troop trains, training and the lifelong friends he made.  He also loved Veterans Day because he "got to" go to schools and talk about his experience in the U.S. military. Mr. Klaus loved that the most.  

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Chances are very good that, if you call or email AEC Magnetics, you have been in touch with Nancy.  Nancy's son-in-law left this morning, Veteran's Day,  to report for duty. He is scheduled to deploy for a tour of duty on his ship later.  Nancy and her husband are helping their daughter take care of their three young grandchildren.  One grandaughter, a kindergartener, has a big Veterans Day parade at her school today, the day her dad left! She is decked out in red, white and blue. Nancy has a heart as big as Ohio, is proud of her son-in-law, and sees her daughter's sacrifice as important sacrifice for the nation.  Thank you for YOUR service, too, Nancy and family!

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D around shop 11 8AEC Magnetics is incredibly thankful for your business.  As we look around the manufacturing floor today, we are grateful.  As we take stock of our orders, monitor production and watch AEC magnetic technicians build, repair and test electromagnets, we are deeply grateful for the customers behind these orders.  AEC Magnetics builds by hand every electromagnet it sells, small electromagnets to large. From winding the coils and building the cores, to pouring the epoxy, assembling the electrical components, to testing. AEC Magnetics tests 100 percent of its electromagnets. Not a sample or a selectfew, we test them all. We also provide electromagnet testing and certification services. We I around shop 11 8aren't selling you someone else's f around shop 11 8product, we're selling you ours, and we stand behind it. Our attention to the detail, the quality of our products, our workmanship and materials are all in our control. We are sure you are getting safe, affordable, sturdy electromagnetic equipment, guaranteed.  It it's's AEC!

machine2Courtesy EMIOur friends at EMI are offering a new multi-parted automatic core machine that is more flexible, faster, easier and affordable to install, thanks, in part, to its new AEC magnetic clamping system.  AEC electromagnets help speed tool change time on this terrific machine. Check out the video, above, and contact our friends at EMI to learn how it can work for you.  

AEC has been designing custom automation equipment for almost 60 years.  Our company does not sell magnets, it sells magnetic solutions.  Automation is our specialty, from EOAT, or robotic end-of-arm-tooling, to large holding, transver, liftiing and power,  AEC application specialists are excellent to work with, giving you as much time and attention as you need to explain your needs and budget.  Let us design an electro- or permanent magnetic solution for your application. Call and tell us what it is you'd like to do.  If it's's AEC!

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AEC Magnetics is seeing automation growth, especially in robotics. AEC Magnetics has been engineering more magnetic end-of-arm-tooling for manufacturers of all sizes than ever before.  “It used to be just the big players looking for industrial magnets integrated into their automation processes,” said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  “I’m now designing for small and medium manufacturers as much as for our major manufacturing customers as they see the benefits of automation, especially robots and cobots, in manufacturing.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are designed to work alongside, or with, humans. robot cobot aecmagneticsCustomers are designing cobots, and the more traditional robots, into their automation applications at an unprecedented pace. According to the Robitics Industries Association, North American companies installed an unprecedented 35,880 robotic units in 2018.  That is a 7-percent increase form 2017.  All indications point to continued, and even accellerated, growth, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics forecasting the robotic engineering job market growing by at least five percent by 2024.   

Midwest map aecmagneticsAEC is located in the perfect place for designing automation equipment and robotics.  The U.S. Midwest is 'robotics central' in the United States,” said Klaus.  “Michigan, Ohio and Indiana account for roughly 30-percent of industrial robots used in the U.S. AEC also serves robotics customers worldwide. We see so many exciting, new and interesting appllications, and best serve our customers when we are in on the front-end, or design-end, of automation.  AEC always appreciates the opportunity to modify or add permanent or electromagnets into customers' existing automation processes, but cost and performance is at a peak when we are involved in the design phase."  Klaus said that this deisgn phase increasingly means robots or cobots--a trend that is forecast to continue.  "It is stunning to see predictions of 3-million industrial robots in use globally by 2020.”   Klaus said the biggest factors in the appeal of using robotics in automation is the potential to increase safety and decrease operating expense.  According to an analysis by Deutsche Bank, Amazon’s cobots reduced that company’s operating expenses by 20-percent.  Klaus believes cost savings can be gained by any organization willing to adopt the technology. 

bill drawing hand pen custom 300“Another issue is constancy,” he said. “Manufacturing varies widely. Demand cycles rise and fall. Product lines change.The automation equipment AEC Magnetics designs is flexible and adaptable, and consistently delivers a dependable, reliable and predictable function. It is efficient. AEC electromagnets and permanent magnets are reliable and guaranteed.  They compliment the automation operation they support.”  What’s more, magnet-based robotics only improve the longer they serve in the application.  Klaus explained, “The robot learns, adapts and improves over time. Designed with a guaranteed AEC electromagnet or permanent magnet, a robot is an excellent automation solution for this reason as well.” 

Logo smallAEC-designed industrial magnetics automation solutions are in service in most every industry, moving materials through the manufacturing process, in pick-and-place applications, and lifting, holding and separating materials. Bill Klaus personally consults, and designs, custom solutions for any size application. He is certain that automation brings value. “While manufacturing cycle may rise and fall, magnetic-based robots remain dependable, cost-effective and safe, cycle after cycle and perform flawlessly in high-heat, heavy load and hazardous conditions.  Assemblers tell us they love working with our automation equipment, and it takes no time at all for them to see that AEC industrial magnets make their job easier and safer.  Business owners, too, are very satisfied. I hear this a lot, that they were skeptical of the cost, unsure of their employees’ reaction and anticipated a steep learning curve, but 100 percent are delighted with their solution.” Please call and speak to Bill Klaus to discuss an automation solution, robotic or standard, for your application.  If it's's AEC!

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