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AEC Magnetics is seeing automation growth, especially in robotics. AEC Magnetics has been engineering more magnetic end-of-arm-tooling for manufacturers of all sizes than ever before.  “It used to be just the big players looking for industrial magnets integrated into their automation processes,” said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  “I’m now designing for small and medium manufacturers as much as for our major manufacturing customers as they see the benefits of automation, especially robots and cobots, in manufacturing.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are designed to work alongside, or with, humans. robot cobot aecmagneticsCustomers are designing cobots, and the more traditional robots, into their automation applications at an unprecedented pace. According to the Robitics Industries Association, North American companies installed an unprecedented 35,880 robotic units in 2018.  That is a 7-percent increase form 2017.  All indications point to continued, and even accellerated, growth, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics forecasting the robotic engineering job market growing by at least five percent by 2024.   

Midwest map aecmagneticsAEC is located in the perfect place for designing automation equipment and robotics.  The U.S. Midwest is 'robotics central' in the United States,” said Klaus.  “Michigan, Ohio and Indiana account for roughly 30-percent of industrial robots used in the U.S. AEC also serves robotics customers worldwide. We see so many exciting, new and interesting appllications, and best serve our customers when we are in on the front-end, or design-end, of automation.  AEC always appreciates the opportunity to modify or add permanent or electromagnets into customers' existing automation processes, but cost and performance is at a peak when we are involved in the design phase."  Klaus said that this deisgn phase increasingly means robots or cobots--a trend that is forecast to continue.  "It is stunning to see predictions of 3-million industrial robots in use globally by 2020.”   Klaus said the biggest factors in the appeal of using robotics in automation is the potential to increase safety and decrease operating expense.  According to an analysis by Deutsche Bank, Amazon’s cobots reduced that company’s operating expenses by 20-percent.  Klaus believes cost savings can be gained by any organization willing to adopt the technology. 

bill drawing hand pen custom 300“Another issue is constancy,” he said. “Manufacturing varies widely. Demand cycles rise and fall. Product lines change.The automation equipment AEC Magnetics designs is flexible and adaptable, and consistently delivers a dependable, reliable and predictable function. It is efficient. AEC electromagnets and permanent magnets are reliable and guaranteed.  They compliment the automation operation they support.”  What’s more, magnet-based robotics only improve the longer they serve in the application.  Klaus explained, “The robot learns, adapts and improves over time. Designed with a guaranteed AEC electromagnet or permanent magnet, a robot is an excellent automation solution for this reason as well.” 

Logo smallAEC-designed industrial magnetics automation solutions are in service in most every industry, moving materials through the manufacturing process, in pick-and-place applications, and lifting, holding and separating materials. Bill Klaus personally consults, and designs, custom solutions for any size application. He is certain that automation brings value. “While manufacturing cycle may rise and fall, magnetic-based robots remain dependable, cost-effective and safe, cycle after cycle and perform flawlessly in high-heat, heavy load and hazardous conditions.  Assemblers tell us they love working with our automation equipment, and it takes no time at all for them to see that AEC industrial magnets make their job easier and safer.  Business owners, too, are very satisfied. I hear this a lot, that they were skeptical of the cost, unsure of their employees’ reaction and anticipated a steep learning curve, but 100 percent are delighted with their solution.” Please call and speak to Bill Klaus to discuss an automation solution, robotic or standard, for your application.  If it's's AEC!

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china usa aecWith all of the rigmarole surrounding the U.S-China trade tension, a number of queries coming in to AEC Magnetics concern quality,  price and availability, since China is permanent magnet-maker to the world.  While we don't speak for the industry, we can tell you that AEC Magnetics' sources for permanent magnets--including super-strength neodymiums--remains robust, timely and open.  This is in large part due to our carefully selected sources in China, sources with whom we enjoy long and solid relationships.  "I have spent years building our network of China suppliers," said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  "It is crucial to AEC to be able to provide the best quality, the best supply chain and the best value in permanent magnets to our customers on a day-to-day basis.  It's what we are known for.  However, during the current U.S.-China trade situation, we are finding just how critical these relationships are for our customers."  

crackked permanent magnetClose-up of cracked permanent magnetStories of sub-standard quality, unreliable shipping and predatory pricing during trade disputes are nothing new to AEC.  "Especially during times like these, it is advantageous for customers to buy from a reputable company that guarantees its magnets, does not substitute lesser quality, offers fair value for their product and does not take advantage of the situation of gouge its customers," said Klaus.  "At AEC, we always offer quality, period.  We never substitute a lower quality item, ever.  We stand by our product with a full, money-back guarantee for every magnet we send out the door.  And we pay close attention to pricing, offering what we believe is fair value for all of our products."  AEC Magnetics also offers a couple of money-saving options to further help customers.  "If you buy in bulk, the price of the magnets goes down," said Klaus. "We also offer blanket sales; that is, we will lock in today's pricing for large orders but release those magnets to you on your schedule."  

Bill on phone office 300Another AEC advantage is expertise.  When you call AEC Magnetics, you will speak to application specialists who will save you the time of searching on the internet for a magnet the size, strength and dimensions you may not be sure of.  Instead of investing your time to figure this out, our application specialists--or Bill himself--will select the perfect magnet for your application and you will avoid the hassle of making the wrong choice, buying more or more expensive magnets that you need, returning and so forth.  Transactional, online selling may be convenient if you are familiar with the product.  We are familiar with magnets, we've been in business since 1961.  We offer thousands of permanent magnets, magnetic tools and incredible permanent magnetics expertise and experience. Bill Klaus is just shy of 40 years in this business, he and everyoneo at AEC are happy to speak to you andl help you select, purchase and support the right magnetic solution. 

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For safer, easier and more affordable automation, look no further than AEC Magnetics.

gary pressWhen it comes to electro- and permanent magnetics, AEC stands out. AEC electromagnets are built by hand.  Each is tested and comes with a guarantee. AEC permanent magnets come from China's most reliable producers and suppliers--no substitutions in grade or quality when you buy an AEC permanent magnet. AEC experience is unbeatable. Our company has been in the magnetics business for almost 60 years. Our president, Bill Klaus, has almost 40 years of magnetics experience, all at AEC. Bill knows how magnets behave in virtually any application.  You will find no one more interested in your application than Bill.  Bill will give you all the time necessary to discuss your application and recommend a solid, affordable and safe magnetic solution. AEC employees are not salespeople or order takers, but magnetics specialists who are interested in finding just the right magnetic solution for your application. 

small electros AECTake a moment to browse through industrial magnetics products here on our website, and download our catalog. We are here to help you if you can't find what you are looking for, or if you need assistance of any kind.  Our permanent magnets, flexible magnetic products, magnetic tools, bar and horseshoe magnets, magnetic cup assemblies, super-strength neodymiums and rare earth magnets are top-grade, safe and affordable. Check out AEC power supplies and battery backups.   AEC magnetic services department offers repair, refurbishment and certification services.  

Bill Klaus AEC President Desk

Please call and talk to Bill, or any of our AEC Magnetics specialists.   We will find just the right magnetic solution for you--an affordable, reliable and safe solution that is guaranteed or your money back. This is how we are truly different from our competitors.   Bill will tell you AEC was founded to specifically to offer quality magnetic solutions, one customer at a time.  As Bill says, "Anyone can sell you a magnet, but no one can sell you a better magnetic solution than we can."


Rare Earth Disks 300The soundtrack from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a video game that's set in a Cold War in 2025, includes a great cut called "Rare Earth Elements." Coincidentally, rare earth elements (REEs) are actually a pawn in real life gamesmanship between the U.S. and China.  China is king of the REE mountain. It mines and makes about 90 percent of the world's REEs, and it has, at least tacitly, threatened to withold it from the U.S. to gain advantage in the tariff standoff between the two countries.

periodic table rare earthsWhat are REEs?  Rare earth elements, the 15 lanthanides, plus scandium and yttrium--see the periodic table to the left, for your convenience--are naturally-occuring elements that have unique properties, such as magnetism and phosphoresence. These are mined, processed and sold to manufacturers and governments worldwide. Some are made into the tiny permanent magnets enable our smartphones to have color screens, speakers and the ability to vibrate.  Electric vehicles and hybrid cars use permanent magnets in their batteries. Guided missiles and satellite systems use permanent magnets. China owns the market, no rare earths are mined in North America. 

Mountain PassRare earth minerals are plentiful. You can probably go out in your neighborhood and find all 17, but you'd have to dig an awful lot of dirt to get enough to make a permanent magnet.  The process is extensive, expensive and harsh on the environment, so you might not want to try this at home. In fact, no one does, or almost no one, except China. The only working U.S. site went bankrupt two yeas ago; located in Mountain Pass, California, mining has ramped up again but the product is shipped to China for production. is possible to recover rare earth elements from coal mining waste.  

Finding high REE concentrations in five U.S. coal basins so far is hopeful news for the U.S., given its REE dependence on China. You may read about it here. President Trump recently ordered the Pentagon to look for alternate sources of REEs since permanent magnets are so crucial to U.S. defense. There are other ideas to wean the U.S. from REE dependence in the works, some exciting discoveries, others changes, improvements and alternatives iin manufacturing. It is believed, however, that any disruption will be an inconvenience until other methods evolve.

Bill on phone office 300AEC Magnetics maintains very close relationships with the best, most trustworthy and dependable permanent magnetic materials suppliers in the world.  We work night and day to ensure the quality of materials, price and supply are the best the industry offers for its customers.  See our selection rare earth magnets and if you don't see exactly what you want or need, please call us. We are here to help you select the correct magnet. Our application specialists will save you time trying to figure out which magnet is best for the job.  We don't want you to spend your valuable time guessing, we want you to have the correct magnet for your application out of the box.

If it's magnetic, it's AEC!

Liquid Magnet aecmagneticsResearchers accidentally discovered what is believed to be the world's first liquid magnet! Working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in California, scientists Thomas Russell, from UMass, and Xubo Liu, of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and their team, have been exploring printing liquid structures on a special 3D printer.  They concocted a liquid made of water injected into a tube of silicone oil mixed with a nanoparticle surfactant for their printing project.  This special liquid makes a skin-like structure that holds the water in place.  They wondered if they could magnetize this 3D-printed object, like ferrofluid.  The scientists used a magnetic coil to do so and observed.  Ferrofluids' particles move in a kind of blob when magnetized, but they were stunned when they saw what their new liquids' particles did.  The nanoparticles started spinning toward each other in unison when magnetism was applied.  You can see what this looks like in the video, at the top of this page, and the photo, above. What's more, their new liquid retained its magnetic properties after the magnetic source was switched off.  Ferrofluids' magnetism shuts off when the magnetic source is switched off.  This liquid magnet may potentially be used in so many applications, such as soft robotics and targeted drug delivery.  "We almost couldn't believe it," said Russell.  "Before our study, people always assumed that permanent magnets could only be made from solids.  Read more about this exciting discovery here, in Science, where they published their work.  The fascinating thing about this liquid magnet, aside from the obvious, that it is a potentially game-changing invention, is the scientists still do not know why or exactly how this happened, only that it did.  Here at AEC Magnetics, we are used to permanent magnetic mysteries. We have witnessed them for 58 years.  While there are many unanswered questions as to why permanent magnetic materials act as they do, a person who has seen them behave in most all automation and industrial situations is Bill Klaus, AEC president.  Save yourself time, guesswork and endless websearching.  Your best bet for permanent magnetics questions is right here at AEC.  If it's's AEC!

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