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The strogest attractive force on earth is not a magnet.  It is the hearts of these children behind me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Hi, I'm Patricia Klaus from AEC Magnetics.  Corazon de Ninos attracted me, and AEC Magnetics, a few years ago at Mass and forged a forever bond with us.  Corazon de Nina, or "Heart of the Child," is a home for almost 60 at-risk boys and girls in Puerto Vallarta. Corazon's story is amazing. Puerto Vallarta is incredibly poor in many areas.  An overwhelming number of children are hungry, homeless and have been hurt by adults. They are deeply in need of love, home, family and education. A helping hand, comforting hug and strong supportive shoulder gives these kids a chance at a healthful, happy life.  AEC supports Corazon de Nina and visits regularly. During the month of June,  AEC will match your donation to Corazon.  Your gift card or cash will purchase meat, milk and yogurt for their lunch and dinner. Corazon receives zero government money. It is run 100 percent on donations. Imagine--food, clothing, cleaning supplies; personal care, gasoline, electricity, and virtually every expense you can imagine is donated.  Please consider helping. Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e to send me an e-mail message. If you'd rather donate directly to Corazon de Nina, click here and select Donate.  Either way, 100 percent of your donation will go to the kids' lunch and dinner the very week you send it.  I do the shopping, and will let you know what I bought and when I dropped it off at their home.  Your donation, and our helping hands, hugs and supportive shoulders, will make these children very happy in June.  Be enraptured by these children, visit their website, read their story and please consider giving. Gracias.

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The greatest job you've never heard of may be magnet technican.  Specializing in making AEC electromagnets and magnetic tools, our magnet techs are a rare combination of craftsman, electrical specialist, specialty shipper, machinist and quality control specialist.  We are proud of our magnet techs, and are grateful for their many years of experience and service to AEC.  

A magnet specialist's typical day isn't typical. It may include reading engineering drawings, winding copper coils, pouring epoxy, welding eyebolts or steel electromagnet cases, certifying a magnet's holding power on a dynamometer, painting and finishing magnets, packing permanent or electromagnets as required to meet international and customer specifications, electrical assembly, operating machining equipment, diagnosing non-functioning magnets in our repair department and building magnetic tools. There's more, and the role is ever changing.  

They are the finest industrial magnetics craftsmen you'll find anywhere.  greg dynamometerAEC Magnetics insists on making its electromagnets by hand, one at a time, and testing each one before it leaves our Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing facility. This cannot happen without qualified, particular, customer-focused magnet technicians. Plus, with hand-made anything is becoming more and more of a rarity, their skills and high standards are in high demand. Custom or off-the-shelf, AEC Magnetics' industrial 

If you are interested in becoming a magnet specialist, please send an e-mail message to HR at AEC Magnetics' Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. If you can show us a committment to learning, genuine curiosity in magnets, committment to precision, accuracy and quality, outstanding work ethic and  stick-to-it-iveness, a career may be awaiting  you at AEC Magnetics.


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fanny sales manager chinaCaught in the crossfire? Fanny, one of AEC's trusted sourcing partners in China, says AEC permanent magnetics shipments are moving dependably despite the tenuous trade situation between China and the U.S. Both countries have been skirmishing, but so far, permanent magnetic materials have not been caught in the crossfire. Other products, not so lucky.  Agricultural products, like apples, are being delayed upon arrival in China.  China claims pests were found in some U.S. fruit and vegetable shipments and thus have demanded closer inspection, slowing the movement of U.S. goods into China.  The U.S. is demanding extra inspection of China car parts coming in to U.S. auto assembly facilities, thus slowing the movement of Chinese goods into the U.S.  

Rare Earth Disks 300 2No interruptions, for now.  Our sources say our customers can expect continued service for the near-term.  More than 90 percent of all permanent magnetic materials are mined and processed in China.  Two weeks ago, China announced it would cap production at 70 percent of last year, surprising some and spurring others to move up thier permanent magnetics  purchases.   

AEC is ready for your business. AEC Magnetics has been in close touch with iFanny and other sourcing agents and believes that, while the news warrants close monitoring, it's important to point out that AEC Magnetics' supply is robust.  We specialize in bulk and blanket permanent magnet orders, with generous discounts for larger orders.  Check out our selection, if you don't see what you are looking for, please call us and ask.  And see our electromagnets and all AEC industrial magnetics.  If it's's AEC!

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horseshoe assy red 300Consider locking in your permanent magnet order at current pricing. China announced this week it will slash rare earths production to just 70-percent of last year's production, AEC sources in China said. "China announces rare earths quotas twice a year," said Bill Klaus, president of Cincinnati, Ohio-based AEC Magnetics. "Our China suppliers inform us, and we did expect some reduction this week, but 70-percent is much more substantial than anyone expected.  There could be some price volatility as a result."

 fanny aecFanny, China supplier to AEC Magnetics Why China Matters:  China produces more than 90-percent of the world's permanent magnetic materials. These are essential for defense systems, satellites, wind turbines, energy efficient cars, audio and medical equipment. Permanent magnetics prices have been stable and even on the low side since 2011, the year China refused to export all magnetic materials. Higher, volatile permanent magnetics prices permeated the market before flat-lining upon the World Trade Organization resolved the matter. Since then, supply and demand have not been in synch and prices have been flat. 

4200 series 300AEC 4200-series neodymiumsWill you pay more for magnets? In short, maybe. No one knows for sure how this quota cut will affect prices.  An enormous production cut would generally signal higher prices, but Mr. Klaus pointed out potentially offsetting factors. "My sources caution that, while hefty, this reduction is a six-month directive. The full-year quota is still as high as 20-percent higher than 2017."   Mr. Klaus also said such news from China encourages smaller rare earths producers to increase production.  The second-highest producer, in Australia, has shown the ability to ramp up production and take some pressure off the market, but it is not yet large enough to offset China's effect on pricing.  

bill klaus aec magneticsBill Klaus, AEC presidentBottom line:  "China is still the behemoth of rare earth elements and permanent magnetic materials," he said.  "Because it can shake up the market, we share with our customers what our China suppliers are saying so our customers can accelerate or delay purchases as necessary."   Call AEC Magnetics today for pricing and availability of AEC permanent magnets, electromagnets, magnetic tools, power supplies and anything magnetic.  

If it's's AEC! 

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aec dead magnetAEC Magnetics doesn't only make industrial magnets, electromagnets, magnetic tools and such.  

We take great pride in repairing and refurbishing magnets.  We hear from so many manufacturers who find old, rusty, non-working electromagnets around their manufacturing facility and timidly ask, "Do you think you could fix this?"  We usualy can, not always--we won't jeopardize safety to save money, but we will take a look, give you an estimate, send you photos or video if necessary to explain, and then get to work.  

greg dynamometerOur expert magnet technicians dig out the old stale epoxy, rewind the coil with brand-new magnet wire, give it a fresh pour of epoxy and polish and paint so the fit and finish meets our standards and yours.  

We are often asked if we repair and refurbish our competitors' magnets, and that's a resounding yes. AEC magnet technicians spend much more time rebuilding competitors' magnets :-) than our own. We also certify and inspect magnets, too.  

Go look and see if you have some "dead" magnets you can round up.  Pennies on the dollar versus new magnets, our refurbishing services can't be beat.  

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