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As tens of millions of factory workers begin to return to China’s production lines, demand for automation, especially industrial robotics, is growing.  Automotive, electronics and smartphone companies are challenged in China, and worldwide, by lack of staff during the coronavirus situation.  China manufacturing has been disrupted by quarantines, isolation periods, checkpoints and roadblocks, leaving many companies with without sufficient staff to run full production lines.  

Bill making industrial magnets“China is the world’s largest market for industrial robotics,” said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics, industrial automation specialists based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  “Prior to the coronavirus disruption, we saw an uptick in interest in automation equipment. While China was already experiencing a ‘robotics revolution,’ with a goal of reducing labor costs and increasing productivity, this disruption exposed a significant vulnerability for manufacturers. Now, China manufacturers, and manufacturers worldwide, are anxious to prevent a similar future situation, contributing to an even sharper upswing in industrial robotics and factory automation.”  

Mr. Klaus stresses that interest in factory automation preceded the coronavirus disruption and was not limited to China “AEC supplies industrial automation equipment worldwide, and we have been aware of this upward trend—in China and in manufacturing worldwide—before coronavirus.  Besides reducing labor costs and increasing productivity, manufacturers are interested in safety, predictability and now, of course, dependability.”  

AEC Magnetics has experienced an upsurge in both custom and off-the-shelf electromagnetic solutions.  “We prefer to incorporate our magnetic solutions into the design stage of automation,” said Mr. Klaus.  “This is the most cost-effective, efficient solution, and our customers are always surprised at the affordability.”  AEC provides magnetic solutions for existing production lines: End-of-arm-tooling for robotics, pick and place, hold, bundle, lift, transfer and many other magnetic services for automation. Please contact Bill Klaus, or any magnetic specialist at AEC Magnetics, if you see a possibility of automation working for your application. 

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AEC Magnetics is experiencing shipment delays from our China permanent magnet suppliers. This is due to measures that country is taking to treat, and prevent, the spread of, SARS-CoV-2, “coronavirus.” China’s government-imposed quarantines, designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, are slowing production and shipment of most everything manufactured in China. A vast majority of the world’s permanent magnetic material is mined and produced in China. 

bill aec price increaseWhile AEC Magnetics’ inventory remains robust, its president, Bill Klaus, suggests businesses that rely on permanent magnetic tools and equipment re-think their longer-term needs.  “I strongly suggest re-evaluating your short- and long-term needs, get orders in the pipeline, and ensure a continuous supply of your critical materials.”  

AEC can also help this way, said Mr. Klaus.  “AEC will warehouse your future needs at no extra cost, and release them on your schedule, to minimize any delays to you, or your customers. We anticipate continuing coronavirus effects on China supply and shipping, but we cannot accurately anticipate the length, or breadth, of thse delays.”   

Klaus said that AEC’s experience offers an advantage, however:  “We at AEC Magnetics have spent 30 years developing a diverse supply chain in China.  While we are able to leverage our needs across multiple vendors, we do anticipate delivery delays.”

Thursday, February 27, China President Xi Jinping said, “We have the confidence, the ability and the certainty to win this war against the epidemic.” Famed Chinese respiratory disease specialist Zhong Nanshan predicted China’s outbreak should be “basically under control” by the end of April.

“Today’s news is hopeful,” said Mr. Klaus, “and we have terrific suppliers whom we’ve been doing business with for decades.  The uncertainty remains, however.” 

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junction box gary editCheck out the AEC Magnetics JBT-6M multi-port junction box.  This junction box will simplify your wiring connections instantly.  Its six 8 mm ports combine into one, simple 12 mm run. Try one now and see. Or, include an AEC multi-port junction box early in your design  process to make installing and maintaining wiring easier and safer for the lifetime of your project. For technical information and questions about   the AEC multi-port junction box, please call and ask for Bill.  Bill designed it, and will explain the benefits of simplifying your wire connections with the JBT-6M.

You will love the ASTONISHINGLY LOW PRICES on AEC Magnetics' flexible magnets with adhesive in February.  Stick this handy, flexible magnetic material on any surface you'd like to make magnetic. Customers can't get enough of it.  They use flexible magnets for energy and noise dampening in tight spaces, like engine compartments, control boards, sign-making, keeping small, ferrous parts in place at work stations, in tool boxes and in tool trays and really, for so very much more. There is not a shop in the world that won't benefit from having a strip of flexible magnetic material standing by.  With ordinary scissors, simply snip a strip from your 100 foot roll, stick it where you like and you're in business.  We have flexible magnetic material in stock, ready to ship to you right now.  Call us, and we'll get it out the door.  It has never been cheaper and it will NOT last at this price.

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700 neosIf you can drill it, we can make it magnetic with AEC countersunk magnets.  Simply slip a screw through the hole and drill it on to any surface:  wood, glass, brick, stone.  Our countersunk magnets are sturdy, affordable and guaranteed to work as promised.   Gary is standing by in shipping and can get yours out the door today.   

AEC Magnetics has super strong permanent magnets in virtually any shape, size, holding power, material and finish, for a variety of applications.  horseshoe assy red 300Horseshoe, bar, button, ceramic, neodymium, Download our catalog, here, to see some of the varieties we offer. Call us or send us an e-mail message  and allow us to put our 58 years of magnetics experience to work for you. Surf the 'net and choose magnets you think will be the best for your project, or pick up the phone and ask us so you know what will work for you.  We have been doing this for two generations and we know how magnets behave.  AEC magnetics has a full line of permanent magnets, and small electromagnets, lift magnets, magnetic tools, flexible magnets, power supplies, battery backups and a complete magnet repair and certifification department. We design great custom magnetic solutions.  If it's's AEC!


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