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The World's Most Popular Electromagnet!
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The World's Most Popular Electromagnet!

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RectElectro EM 2545M 110C2 1 NO BG
The ES-4080S-110C, the most popular electromagnet in the world!  

At only 18 pounds, the ES-4080S-110C pulls a massive 2,500 pounds, incredible holding force in such a compact size!

These workhorses are widely used for abort gates, machining and assembly fixtures. Or, as individual or multi-unit assemblies as lifting magnets.  We manufacture these,, and all of our electromagnets, in a wide variety of mounting options, voltages and cord locations.  The standard disconnect receptacle gives a robust connection to a broad selection of detachable cord sets.  Click here to check out the specs, and while you're at it, browse our extensive electromagnet lineup.  

AEC BILL KLAUS DESKDon't see what you are looking for?  No problem!  We've been making custom electromagnets for more than 60 years.  AEC provides outstanding one-on-one service.  Call Bill Klaus, he's been at it for more than 40 years and no one can give you a better magnet for your application.

If it's magnetic, it's AEC!