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Mighty Flexible
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Mighty Flexible

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flex magnetic strip 300
Clever. Versitile. Free.  If you call AEC right now, we'll send you a free sample of our flexible magnetic strip.  This material is hard to keep in stock.  Why is it popular?  Its low cost, versatility are two big reasons, but it's easy to cut, punch, machine and slit to your specifications.  We offer a variety of colors, with or withouot adhesive and different widths or in sheets. AEC flexible magnetic strip is terrific for hot stamping, as teaching aids, for graphics, bin labels, toys and games, menu boards, novelties and crafts, nameplates, advertising, assembly, fastening, warehouse lables, exhibits, marketing aids, charts, barcodes, displays, signs, schedule boards, thetre, sewiing--and it's great at dampening noise in hard-to-reach places.