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IMPORTANT Permanent Magnetics Customers!
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IMPORTANT Permanent Magnetics Customers!

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As China trade tensions mount this week, there is yet another reason to seriously consider locking in permanent magnetics prices and availability right now.  Saturday, February 10, is Chinese New Year.  (Happy Year of the Dragon!). Unlike Western New Year celebration, during Chinese New Year holiday, all factories close and employees go on holiday for at least two weeks--some up to 40 days!  Everybody goes, the doors are shuttered and this includes management, production supervisors, everyone.   

In the decades AEC Magnets has been doing business with our excellent China suppliers, we do know that when the factories reopen after the holidays, it is common for the factories to reopen in phases.  In other words, workers don't all come back at the same time and it's business as usual.  In fact, many workers do not come back at all, forcing factories to replace them quickly.  Not great for the quality on the production lines. 

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We at AEC advise ordering permanet magnets, neodymium, ceramic and all permanent magnets right now if you want them in the first quarter of 2024.  Here's why:

  1. You will avoid delays due to factory shut down and shipping.
  2. You will avoid delays in replacing inferior products and having your order re-run if we do not approve of the quality.
  3. You may avoid price increases due to inflation and potential increase in cost of components.

permanent magnet stack aecChinese New Year is also called Spring Festival, again, on February 10 in 2024.  The week of Chinese New Year is called Golden Week.  Starting 15 days before Chinese New Year and lasting 40 days is Chunyun, or the Spring Festival travel rush.  It is thought to be the largest annual human migration in the world., with almost 3 billion passenger journeys, most by train.  During this time, factories are closed and then slowly re-open.  Each year, we order early to avoid disappointing our customers, but it is not always possible to anticipate customer needs, pricing and quality, so we recommend ordering as soon as possible.

Browse the thousands of permanent magnets we have here, in stock, ready to ship now.  Call us at (800) 635-3954, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and remember, If it's Magnetic...It's AEC!