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hammer1MLC Technologies offers a vast array of engineering, CNC and manual machining and precision laser cutting for aerospace and other industries.  MLC president Michael Crompton recently expanded his company's size and its capabilities and added waterjet technology, one of the world's fastest-growing major machine tool processes. MLC's Calypso Hammerjet accommodates most any material, but the ferrous materials--the ones that can be attracted by magnets--get a helping hand from AEC.  "We use AEC lifts on cranes to transfer partsJLM Lift Magnet Permanent 300 CUT to the table," he said. "It makes easy work of moving the ferrous materials.  No power needed, we just attach the magnetic lift to the crane with a clevis hook and it works every time."  MLC uses AEC Magnetics' JLM-0550 to make the lift process easier and safer for MLC, but AEC benefits, too. "Since we machine parts for AEC, they get their parts quickly."  AEC permanent magnetic lifts come in a variety of sizes and holdinig powers that lift, transfer and hold flats, pipe, channel and structural parts and never need power or recharging."I have been workiing with AEC Magnetics for 25 years.  

I absolutely would recommend AEC." See all AEC permanent magnetic lifts here, and learn more about our friends at MLC here.