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Like New For Less

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Southwest steel lift magnet refurbAEC beautifully refurbishes magnets. These are for Southwest Steel.These electromagnetic lifts are on their way out the door enroute to Southwest Steel after a complete restoration. Show us or ship us your worn or non-functional magnets and, like Southwest Steel, you, too, can receive like-new magnets for pennies on the dollar compared to new.

 AEC repairs and restores to mint condition its own magnets AND those of its competitors. Read here how to get your quick turn, no-hassle quote on an AEC or competitor's magnet.  Because we have almost 57 years of experience building and repairing magnets, AEC works fast, save you money and guarantees its work.  

Magnet repair gary AECExpert AEC magnet service technicians have exceptional experience diagnosing and solving .  They will replace old coils with newly-wound, high-grade copper coil; replace and test the electrical components;, replace old epoxy with fresh, strong composite material; repair worn components such as eyebolts and forgings and refinish the exterior with a nice coat of fresh, bright paint. 

AEC Magnetics also tests and certifies magnets. Please call AEC Magnetics to learn more about AEC's testing and certification process. We would love to send you a quote.  The reason AEC excels at this is experience.  Our technicians have been doing this for decades and can quickly and easily assess the condition of the magnet, certify its holding power and point out any areas of concern.  All will be documented and, if necessary, include photographs.   AEC Magnetics--since 1961.