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Welcome, Visitor!

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

custom edited crane300Custom AEC electromagnet lifts die blocks easily and safely.

A list of our favorite things at AEC Magnetics would have customer visits at the top. Solving complex, unusual and unconventional automation applications would probably be next.  So Friday was a good day at AEC.  We got to meet Rick, representing an enormous manufacturing company, who braved Cincinnati's 12-degree weather to come see us for help solving a unique challenge.  This is exactly how AEC serves industrial manufacturers best.  Rick brought in a couple of pieces, shared his vision, and spent most of the morning working with Bill Klaus learning how magnets would--or would not--work in various situations.  This is hands-down the best, most economical, way to incorporate magnetics into a product or automation process. We will clear the deck to make time for your visit and give you all the attention necessary to discuss your application, see your parts, show you how magnets behave in certain situations, and give you options.  If coming to Cincinnati isn't an option, we welcome your part, drawings and phone calls to collaborate with you in finding a perfect magnetic solution.  Our magnetic expertise is unparalleled, and we respect your information as propietary and confidential.  You will find the process easy and affordable.  Please call us to share your application and let's get started.  

Bill making industrial magnetsBill Klaus designs the finest electromagnets in the industry.

One more note about Rick's visit.  Stopping at a national coffee chain for a box of hot joe to welcome our guest reminded us to always be grateful for your business. AEC has done so for 55 years, but being on the customer end of an uncomfortable customer experience is always an eye-opener.  We won't correct your use of terms, be inconvenienced by your order or complain that you caught us on a bad day.   Here at AEC, you will receive a venti-size of gratefulness every time you call or send us an e-mail message whether you place an order, have a question or need a quote.  

AEC Magnetics greatly appreciates the opportunity to talk with you, and if it makes sense for you, do business. Browse our website and see if there's not a custom or stock AEC magnet that will work for your application.   Check out our in-stock items to see what we have in stock. Please give AEC a call if you would like to discuss a custom solution and  remember, If it's's AEC!