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"Uncover" The AEC Electromagnet Advantage

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

AEC electromagnets are made by hand here in our Cincinnati, Ohio, USA manufacturing plant.  Our magnet technicians wind each coil with the best possible grade copper magnet wire--no skimping on inferior copper or components in AEC electromagnets.  The electromagnets you see to the rightAEC Electromagnet RockMIlls, in production at AEC, are going to Rock Mills Enterprises. 

Check out the video above to see how Rock Mills puts AEC electromagnets to work--wild, right?  Our cases are the sturdiest you will find and are built to last a lifetime.  We use a blend of epoxy that gives superb mechanical strength and insulation and is water, dust, dirt and chemical resistant. (And it looks nice.) We only use forged eye-bolts, and quality paint so each electromagnet has a beautiful fit and finish.  We supply any power, control, power cords in custom legnths and leads you would like, and battery backup for safety.  Continuous or intermittent duty, AEC electromagnets are durable, safe, reliable, tested and guaranteed.  From our shop floor to your door, AEC electromagnets are the finest in the industry. GUARANTEED.  

Please note: AEC electromagnets are not designed for repelling applications.  For further informtion, contact AEC engineering.