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Happy Birthday AEC Magnetics!
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Happy Birthday AEC Magnetics!

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richard klausRichard M. Klaus

AEC Magnetics is celebrating its 57th birthday!  Richard M. Klaus founded our company April Fools Day, 1961, in a small storefront on Central Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.  While he and his staff made terrific electromagnets, Mr. Klaus was known for his keen interest in factory automation and the endless possibilities of finding solutions that would make customers' manufacturing operations safer, more streamlined and cost efficient.  This is AEC's hallmark today, 57 years after AEC's incorporation:  

Anyone can sell magnets, but few offer magnetic solutions.  Take a trip around the web, you'll see.  You can pick and choose from a variety of electromagnets, permanent magnets, magnetic tools and gewgaws.  How you integrate it into your application is up to you.  AEC Magnetics, however, offers 57 years of magnetics experience and helps you understand how a certain magnet or magnetics solution will behave in your particular application.  Like his father, William Klaus, AEC's president, enjoys talking about magnets and finding just the right magnetic solution.  

blowing out candles on cakeAEC president Bill KlausThe tradition continues.  Bill also continues and improves upon the AEC traditions of hand-crafting and testing every electromagnet that leaves the manufacturing facility.  This, along with our guarantee, gives you a product you can count on. Call us to find out how a magnet can work for you.  You will speak to a magnetics specialist who is interested in your application and will take as much time as necessary to listen to you, answer your questions and recommend a solution.  There is no finer customer service in this industry. AEC has been doing this for 57 years now, and we will save blowhornyou time, trouble and expense in finding a magnetic solution for your application. We have picked up a lot of knowledge in our 57 years in business.  

Just remember, if it's magnetic, it's AEC!.