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Prepare the Qingtuan!
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Prepare the Qingtuan!

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qinming festival aecChina Readies For Tomb Sweeping Day. Warm wishes for a smooth and relaxing day tomorrow for AEC Magnetics' China friends. when Qingming Festival begins.  Qingming, or "Tomb Sweeping Day."  Historically, the temperature begins to rise and the rain begins to fall around this date, so it is an important time for sowing and plowing to begin in earnest.

green buns qintuanHonoring Ancestors. Most important, Chinese honor the dead on Tomb Sweeping Day. Most observe the day by tidying up tombs and graves, adorning them with willow branches and flowers and praying.  Our Chinese suppliers tell us is a time of both happiness and sadness.  Most everyone will go on an outing, fly kites and search for the very best qingtuan in shops--these are green dumplings made of gelatnous rice filled with red or black bean paste.  The wait at some qingtuan shops can be two hours or more! Though our China suppiers have the next few days off, they made sure AEC is stocked with plenty of super-strength magnets.

fanny sales manager china

AEC Magnetics Has The Best Suppliers. China makes and processes 95% of the world's permanent magnetic material, so we appreciate our long-time partners, like Fanny Wang,whom you see here.  she keeps us--and you--supplied with the very best magnetic materials, a solid, dependable supply chain and fair, affordable pricing.  To be at the top of her ocmpany's list means you will always get a quality product quickly, reliably and affordably.  AEC Magnetics has been sourcing the very best magnetic materials from China for longer than just about any company, and we've been in business 57 years in all.  We are so grateful for our long and respected relationship with Fanny and our top China suppliers.  AEC Magnetics offers its heartfelt best wishes for a relaxing and peaceful Qingming Festival.