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fanny sales manager chinaCaught in the crossfire? Fanny, one of AEC's trusted sourcing partners in China, says AEC permanent magnetics shipments are moving dependably despite the tenuous trade situation between China and the U.S. Both countries have been skirmishing, but so far, permanent magnetic materials have not been caught in the crossfire. Other products, not so lucky.  Agricultural products, like apples, are being delayed upon arrival in China.  China claims pests were found in some U.S. fruit and vegetable shipments and thus have demanded closer inspection, slowing the movement of U.S. goods into China.  The U.S. is demanding extra inspection of China car parts coming in to U.S. auto assembly facilities, thus slowing the movement of Chinese goods into the U.S.  

Rare Earth Disks 300 2No interruptions, for now.  Our sources say our customers can expect continued service for the near-term.  More than 90 percent of all permanent magnetic materials are mined and processed in China.  Two weeks ago, China announced it would cap production at 70 percent of last year, surprising some and spurring others to move up thier permanent magnetics  purchases.   

AEC is ready for your business. AEC Magnetics has been in close touch with iFanny and other sourcing agents and believes that, while the news warrants close monitoring, it's important to point out that AEC Magnetics' supply is robust.  We specialize in bulk and blanket permanent magnet orders, with generous discounts for larger orders.  Check out our selection, if you don't see what you are looking for, please call us and ask.  And see our electromagnets and all AEC industrial magnetics.  If it's's AEC!