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The Hearts of Children

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The strogest attractive force on earth is not a magnet.  It is the hearts of these children behind me in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Hi, I'm Patricia Klaus from AEC Magnetics.  Corazon de Ninos attracted me, and AEC Magnetics, a few years ago at Mass and forged a forever bond with us.  Corazon de Nina, or "Heart of the Child," is a home for almost 60 at-risk boys and girls in Puerto Vallarta. Corazon's story is amazing. Puerto Vallarta is incredibly poor in many areas.  An overwhelming number of children are hungry, homeless and have been hurt by adults. They are deeply in need of love, home, family and education. A helping hand, comforting hug and strong supportive shoulder gives these kids a chance at a healthful, happy life.  AEC supports Corazon de Nina and visits regularly. During the month of June,  AEC will match your donation to Corazon.  Your gift card or cash will purchase meat, milk and yogurt for their lunch and dinner. Corazon receives zero government money. It is run 100 percent on donations. Imagine--food, clothing, cleaning supplies; personal care, gasoline, electricity, and virtually every expense you can imagine is donated.  Please consider helping. Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e to send me an e-mail message. If you'd rather donate directly to Corazon de Nina, click here and select Donate.  Either way, 100 percent of your donation will go to the kids' lunch and dinner the very week you send it.  I do the shopping, and will let you know what I bought and when I dropped it off at their home.  Your donation, and our helping hands, hugs and supportive shoulders, will make these children very happy in June.  Be enraptured by these children, visit their website, read their story and please consider giving. Gracias.