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Bill making industrial magnetsAugust 2, 1982, AEC Magnetics president Dick Klaus was in a pinch. He needed an employee--a good employee--right away, but could not find the right person. Though his son, Bill Klaus, was well-qualified, having had just graduated from Ohio State with degrees in mechanical engineering and business, Bill was embarking on a career search and had several hot irons in the fire. Bill put his career search on hold to help out his dad temporarily. Today, 36 years later, Bill is president of AEC Magnetics and he is still designing and building the world's greatest electromagnets and permanent magnetic assemblies. Recognized in the automation industry as a leading magnetics specialist, Bill’s AEC solutions are lifting, holding, sorting, stacking, transferring parts and operating in robotics at manufacturing facilities worldwide. Bill said he is grateful he stayed, especially because of the people. "It is just incredible I’ve gotten to meet so many customers and hear so many unique and interesting challenges,  inventions and questions,” he said. “I Dick klaus bill klaus boatspend most all day listening to so many tremendous new ideas, and I learn a lot from each of them.  Solving challenging applications using magnetics is deeply satisfying.  Really, what other career could I have had that would give me a front-row seat to manufacturing and automation? Its evolution has been nothing short of incredible and industrial magnetics is a significant part of that process, specifically that it can make automation so much safer and more economical." Whether a simple button magnet or a complicated design-to-build solution, Bill says customers are particularly gratified to find AEC. "Many people I talk to are so frustrated beyond words," said Bill.  "They've spent hours surfing the 'net scouring websites to try to figure out how magnets work.  Or even if a magnet will work in their situation. They've called or e-mailed a bunch of places. The only live people they talk to are salespeople glad to sell them anything they want to buy. aec klaus familyHere's a big one--they have to explain their situation over and over and over to another person and another and another, often in the same company.  That really gets folks annoyed. Not here.  By the time they call AEC, they get me or one or two people who direct them to me. Callers are usually pretty surprised they don't have to run the gauntlet, press any numbers, explain everything five times, and they're really surprised I'm not a salesman, I can actually answer their questions, I actually recommend something. I always appreciate their business, but I try to help them whether they choose to buy from AEC or not, and, if they do, they know it's 100 percent guaranteed to work as I promised."  Do you have a situation where a magnet may work for you?  Put Bill's knowledge to work and call him. He will tell you if a magnet can do the trick, how it works and how it can make your application safer, easier, faster or less expensive.  If it’s magnetic…it’s AEC. And Bill Klaus.