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Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

If you have a great attendance record, are dependable, work hard and wish to learn lifelong skills in manufacturing, machining and magnets, please consider working at AEC Magnetics.  Simply send an e-mail to AEC's HR department to start the process.  Include your name, address, phone and/or email and your work history, and include what you did at each job.  We will contact you and tell you more about the job, pay and specific duties. 

AEC is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of automation equipment. We build terrific electro-magnets and permanent magnetic assemblies, and are the world's "go-to" industrial magnetics solutions provider.  We are looking for those with machine shop, manufacturing, production and global shipping experience, but are willing to train. Most important, we are looking for people we can count on. Our customers count on accuracy, detail and attention, and we work hard to deliver these values--every day.

If you share our values, and wish to be considered, please let us hear from you.