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Browsing through articles in a marine trade magazine (AEC loves the marine industry), AEC Magnetics caught this article.  Megan Haynes writes, "Trade War Troubles" in an article for "Soundings Trade Only" magazine.  

AEC Magnetics watches trade carefully.  More than 90 percent of the world's permanent magnets come from China.  Check out our other blogs to see why this is.  We se many articles like Ms Haynes', but would like to share our persepctive, which is taken from a bit of a different angle.

Most important:  REEs, specifically permanent magnetic materials, have been, and remain, available and ready to ship on demand.  AEC Magnetics sees no reason any production should be disrupted due to price or availabilithy of permanent magnetic materials.

Also important:  As mentioned, 90 percent (and as much as 97 percent, according to some) of the world's REEs are mined and produced in China.  This long-preceded current trade and tariff adjustments.  This is not news to Western manufacturers.  They have had to depend onChina for permanent magnetic materials for decades, as there have been no mines in the Western Hemisphere for almost 20 years.

Buy here, buy now.  AEC Magnetics developed a terrific supply chain over this period.  We work with reputable companies who supply quality product reliably and affordably.  We see no price or availability issues at this time, and foresee favorable future cnoditions.  In fact, AEC reported just a month or two ago that China revised downward its permanent magnet product so you can maunfacture uninterrupted.  Your permanent magnetic materials do not hve to be an issue in the current trade squeeze.  Let us take care of it.  

Please call AEC Magnetics to structure a terrific blanket order that compliments your production schedule.  We also offer generous volume discounts.