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marc aecmagnetics grindingWe welcome "the daily grind" here at AEC Magnetics, as it means we are getting product manufacturied and out the door! Marc is makiing ES-1525-24C electros that will be shipped to Fastenal.  We serve Fastenal locations all over the country. Linda has begun labeling, packaging and packing the products so she can ship them today.  Fastenal uses our convenient scheduled blanket order service, where we release and ship orders as scheduled by the customer.  If you have a Linda aecmagnetics shippinglarge quantity, or wish to have your product delievered on a certain schedule, this service is for you, no charge. Scheduled blanket orderiing locks in attractive pricing for you, cuts your time spent re-ordering and allows us to handle your inventory for you until you need it. Our customers love the pricing piece of blanket ordering," said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  "They also love it because it's no-hassle.  Name the date, the quantity and you're finished."  Order schedules and timing may be modified to best accommodate a customer's schedule as well.  How easy is that?  Contact AEC Magnetics today to learn more!  Remember, if it's's AEC!