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Thank You, Greg!
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Thank You, Greg!

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AEC Celebrates Greg 25th

Congratulations to Greg!

AEC Magnetics celebrated Greg's 25th anniversary at AEC Magnetics December 21 here at our Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing facility.  Greg is our Master Magnet Technician.  If you bought an AEC electromagnet or permanent magnetic tool within the last quarter-century, it's very likely Greg built it, or one of its components. Greg comes in, ready to work, every day, to build the finest industrial magnets in the business. He has been making and testing AEC Magnetics' electro- and permanent magnetic tools longer than any magnet technician we know of, and doing it better than anyone in the industry. Greg has no plans to stop building, testing, certifying, rebuilding and refurbishing our magnets (and those of our competitors). We guarantee every magnet Greg makes, and believe that AEC's hallmark of quality industrial magnetics is, in large part, due to Greg, the best magnet technician in the business.  Thank you, Greg, for making the industry's finest industrial magnetics:  AEC Magnetics.  Congratulations to you and your family on this milestone, from your grateful AEC Magnetics Family.