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AEC Offers Affordable Automation
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AEC Offers Affordable Automation

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics
Bill making industrial magnetsPick up the phone and call  AEC Magnetics today to talk about automating or upgrading your manufacturing process. AEC will tell you right now how you can make your automation system better connected--and more flexible, efficient and safe--at a surprisingly affordable cost.  In business since 1961, AEC Magnetics has almost 60 years of experience developing control systems and industrial automation solutions.  We design and build industrial robotics processes for parts transfer, material handling and custom automation processes. The earlier we’re in the design process, the more cost-effective and seamless our solution.  
AEC Control Box Electromagnet 400AEC Magnetics automation solutions affordably increase safety, and make your automation adaptable. Using PLC programmable logic controllers and pushbutton, limit, photo and proximity switches in your custom control platform are flexible, adaptable and make your operation upgrade-ready. AEC Magnetics’ short-term automation solutions are designed specifically for you--to fit seamlessly into longer-term solutions you may be considering down the road. From simple upgrades to interfacing older systems with brand-new automation solutions, AEC will work with you, give you all the time necessary to collaborate PowerAccessories400on a solution that fits your application and respect your budget. As always, our work is guaranteed to work exactly as you wish. 
For automation controls, electromagnets, permanent magnets and magnetic tools, AEC Magnetics provides excellent and personal customer service by magnetic specialists who have years, if not decades, of experience.  We will give you all the time necessary to ask questions, discuss your application and recommend robust solutions that respect your budget.  AEC designs, builds and manufactures outstanding magnetic solutions, and we are standing by ready to help you select the perfect solution for your application.