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Clean-up In Isle 3
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Clean-up In Isle 3

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oil slick Barrier reefThe latest permanent magnetic materials team to claim success in protecting isles, wildlife and beaches from oil spills has just been announced this month.  A research team led by led by Dr. Marcus Halik developed iron oxide particles that can attract hydrocarbons. These magnetic particles, and their shells, are dumped into slicks—then removed and cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner.   

As we observe Earth Day,  AEC Magnetics is enthusiastic about advancements in similar solutions that use magnetic materials to scrub oil slicks and remove other pollution from water sources.

Researchers at the University of Calgary announced in January it developed a super-sponge for soaking up aquatic oil spills.  The non-toxic, biodegradable material consists of magnetic nanostructured elements that allows for salvage of spilled oil.   

Several years ago, MIT found that magnetic nanomaterials are terrific oil-and-water separators.  The MIT researchers mixed repellent ferrous nanoparticles with oil, which was then separated from the water using magnets. Afterward, the nanoparticles could be magnetically removed from the oil and reused. MIT researchers say there is a lot of research on separating water and these so-called ferrofluids—fluids with magnetic nanoparticles in them—leaving the door open to infinite possibilities, including directing the flow of spills. 

Check out what a ferrofluid looks like by going here.