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China Running Short On Trade Ammo
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China Running Short On Trade Ammo

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china us relations(Bloomberg) -- China's latest retaliation against U.S. tariffs is set to prove largely benign to commodity trade flows as Beijing runs out of raw materials to target.  

Some products targeted by China tariffs were already squeezed by the long-running trade war. Meanwhile, other politically sensitive items, including soybeans, have been subject to top-end levies of 25% since last year.

Even duties on U.S. rare earths target only a single miner that exports small quantities of the materials used in magnets for electric motors. To read the rest of this Bloomberg article on Yahoo Finance, please click here. 

AEC Magnetics continues to enjoy robust, long-term relationships with its permanent magnetic material suppliers, so give us a call and place your order for strong, durable permanent magnets available in thousands of sizes, shapes and strengths.  If it's's AEC!