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Customers Appreciate the "AEC Advantage" During Permanent Magnetics Price Hike

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china usa aecSince I've been flooded the past few days with price increase notices from our China  permanent magnetics suppliers, I've taken steps to soften the blow for AEC permanent magnetics customers.  As I buy raw materials and metals myself, I understand how sudden, stiff price jumps affect my business and therefore am sensitive to how this affects yours. While I am raising permanent magnetics prices beginning immediately, I am also leveraging our long-time relationships with trusted sources, negotiating the best prices possible. I will not sacrifice on quality, period. I'm also making smart use of our inventory, shifting around some order schedules and doing whatever is possible to hold prices as much in line as possible.  China makes most all of the world's permanent magnetic material, and they set the price. I do everything possible to control what I can to manage these ups and downs.      PotMagnets 

You may find some of these tips helpful in saving money, such as buying in bulk.  It can save a tremendous amount of money.  Call me,  or ask anyone here, where the price break points for your permanent magnets. We will work with you to find some savings buying in bulk.  Consider advancing your order schedule.  While we can't predict future prices, we do know that locking in today's price could pay off. Consider blanket ordering. Purchase now, lock in today's price, and allow us to hold your order and release your magnets on your order schedule.  You're not on the hook for unpredictable prices, you don't have to store the inventory and you could save ordering in bulk at today's price. This hands-free, worry-free method is very popular for AEC customers. 

flex magnetic strip 300Finally, consider calling us to discuss your application before you buy.  A magnet that doen't work in your application is a waste of money. I've been in magnetics for almost 40 years.  I know how magnets behave. I can't tell you how helpful, and potentially cost-saving, it is, to order the correct magnet. I will take all the time you need to discuss your application, then suggest the correct holding power and size. Sometimes, I even have to tell customers magnets aren't the best solution at all. I don't want you to spend money on permanent magnets--especially expensive ones--that are not right for the job, so please,  call or e-mail us for the most accurate quote on price and availability.  Our China magnetics suppliers are all long-time friends of ours who have unrelentingly provided excellent value and top-grade quality magnets. We are confident that AEC's supply and quality will remain unchanged due to our very long and respectful relationships with only the best suppliers. 

Bill Klaus AEC President DeskAnd it's not all about the US-China trade war. China mines and processes about 90 percent of the world's Rare Earth Elements, and  trade war saber-rattling is nothing new in magnetics. Disruptions and slowdowns in China’s manufacturing, mining and production; plant certification issues;  port closures and on-again, off-again tariff troubles all factor into permanent magnetics price hikes. And, because China's government sets production quotas, markets react, moving prices.   

AEC does not anticipate product shortages at this time. We can’t predict at this time whether permanent magnetics prices will continue to rise, level off, or fall. The one thing I'd like to leave you with is I refuse to sacrifice on quality, I've developed strong relationships with our China suppliers and I'm working dilligently to mitigate the China price increase to my customers.

Let me take a moment here to tell you how grateful we are for your business. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please contact us with any questions, and if you would like a quote, I will make sure you get one quickly. 

Bill Klaus

President, AEC Magnetics