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greg welding light with blue arcIf you have read anything about AEC electromagnets, you know they are 100 percent hand-crafted here in our aec magtech maliikCincinnati, Ohio, USA, manufacturing plant.  We are willing to bet you have not met a magnetic technician, at least not in the United States.  There simply aren't very many. Many electromagnets are imported from countries that mass-produce them.

At AEC, our magnetic technicians are trained right here, by two of the best in the business--Greg, whom you see welding in the photo on the right, has been here for more than a quarter-century. Bill Klaus, whom you see on the bottom left inspecting an electromagnet, is president of AEC.  Bill has been designing, building and manufacturing magnets and magnetic solutions continuoously, for almost 40 years. This was Bill's first and only job since graduating from The Ohio State University with dual degrees in Engineering and Logistics. 

AEC Magtech SergioAEC Magtech ThomasBill learned from his Dad, Richard Klaus, who began designing and selling magnetic solutions in 1961.  Bill has insisted on quality craftsmanship in every AEC electromagnet we ship. He and Greg oversee every step of the process.

Our techs hand-wind the copper coils out of top-grade copper magnet wire, build the rugged steel cases, weld, if necessary, top-plates and forged eye-bolts, hand-wire the electrical components, carefully select and pour high-quality thermo-epoxy to seal, and finish to critical dimensions +/-0.005.  Before carefully packing and shipping, each and every electromagnet is hand-tested to ensure it workes exactly as promised, guaranteed. 

0 bill inspecting controls in electric dept in shopAEC magtech garymmThat is our promise:  a hand-crafted, rugged electromagnet at a fair price, tested to ensure it performs its job.  Off the shelf or custom, we build, test and guarantee every magnet.  Our technicians are standing by to serve you. Give us a call and put an AEC electromagnet to work for you.

Our techs are also proficient at many other aspects of magnetics.  They repair, test and certify magnets, and diagnose problems of all  electromagnets, including those of our competitors. Please  browse our website and see our entire line of super-strength permanent magnets, magnetic tools, and flexible magnetic materials.  We have the magnetic materials you need.  If it's's AEC!