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AEC's Longest Temporary Employee
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AEC's Longest Temporary Employee

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bill sunglassesWhile his celebration didn't include wearing a lampshade, our president, Bill Klaus, donned some other shades for his big anniversary celebration.  August 2 marked Bill's 39th anniversary at AEC Magnetics.  Bill doesn't like to waste time, usurp energy or divert attention away from work to recognize such matters (we at AEC would would describe Bill as "focused") so we didn't make a big deal out of the big day, but we do appreciate Bill and wish to recognize him for almost four decades of guiding AEC.

ohio stateThe Ohio State University graduated Bill in 1982 and conferred upon him degrees in mechanical engineering and business.  That summer, he agreed to temporarily help his dad, Richard Klaus, who founded AEC in 1961. Bill claims his job is still temporary, but we are so thankful the temporary job is going strong almost 40 years hence.  Bill is likely to keep the shades and stay incognito for a moment while we add that our customers are glad he decided to stay.  Compliments make him uncomfortable. But, year after year, decade after decade, we hear so many of our customers worldwide tell us how much they love, and appreciate, Bill's attention to detail, his willingness to spend as much time as necessary listening to them and answering their questions, and going the extra mile to find really solid and value-driven solutions for their applications.  

blowhornBill truly and thoroughly enjoys talking with his customers, almost as much as he loves designing automation solutions.  I know this to be true because I've been married to Bill for 27 of those years, and worked with him for most of that time.

Happy Anniversary, Bill Klaus!