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 Broken Trade Ties = Broken Magnets?
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Broken Trade Ties = Broken Magnets?

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china usa aecWith all of the rigmarole surrounding the U.S-China trade tension, a number of queries coming in to AEC Magnetics concern quality,  price and availability, since China is permanent magnet-maker to the world.  While we don't speak for the industry, we can tell you that AEC Magnetics' sources for permanent magnets--including super-strength neodymiums--remains robust, timely and open.  This is in large part due to our carefully selected sources in China, sources with whom we enjoy long and solid relationships.  "I have spent years building our network of China suppliers," said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  "It is crucial to AEC to be able to provide the best quality, the best supply chain and the best value in permanent magnets to our customers on a day-to-day basis.  It's what we are known for.  However, during the current U.S.-China trade situation, we are finding just how critical these relationships are for our customers."  

crackked permanent magnetClose-up of cracked permanent magnetStories of sub-standard quality, unreliable shipping and predatory pricing during trade disputes are nothing new to AEC.  "Especially during times like these, it is advantageous for customers to buy from a reputable company that guarantees its magnets, does not substitute lesser quality, offers fair value for their product and does not take advantage of the situation of gouge its customers," said Klaus.  "At AEC, we always offer quality, period.  We never substitute a lower quality item, ever.  We stand by our product with a full, money-back guarantee for every magnet we send out the door.  And we pay close attention to pricing, offering what we believe is fair value for all of our products."  AEC Magnetics also offers a couple of money-saving options to further help customers.  "If you buy in bulk, the price of the magnets goes down," said Klaus. "We also offer blanket sales; that is, we will lock in today's pricing for large orders but release those magnets to you on your schedule."  

Bill on phone office 300Another AEC advantage is expertise.  When you call AEC Magnetics, you will speak to application specialists who will save you the time of searching on the internet for a magnet the size, strength and dimensions you may not be sure of.  Instead of investing your time to figure this out, our application specialists--or Bill himself--will select the perfect magnet for your application and you will avoid the hassle of making the wrong choice, buying more or more expensive magnets that you need, returning and so forth.  Transactional, online selling may be convenient if you are familiar with the product.  We are familiar with magnets, we've been in business since 1961.  We offer thousands of permanent magnets, magnetic tools and incredible permanent magnetics expertise and experience. Bill Klaus is just shy of 40 years in this business, he and everyoneo at AEC are happy to speak to you andl help you select, purchase and support the right magnetic solution.