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D around shop 11 8AEC Magnetics is incredibly thankful for your business.  As we look around the manufacturing floor today, we are grateful.  As we take stock of our orders, monitor production and watch AEC magnetic technicians build, repair and test electromagnets, we are deeply grateful for the customers behind these orders.  AEC Magnetics builds by hand every electromagnet it sells, small electromagnets to large. From winding the coils and building the cores, to pouring the epoxy, assembling the electrical components, to testing. AEC Magnetics tests 100 percent of its electromagnets. Not a sample or a selectfew, we test them all. We also provide electromagnet testing and certification services. We I around shop 11 8aren't selling you someone else's f around shop 11 8product, we're selling you ours, and we stand behind it. Our attention to the detail, the quality of our products, our workmanship and materials are all in our control. We are sure you are getting safe, affordable, sturdy electromagnetic equipment, guaranteed.  It it's's AEC!