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Make It Magnetic with AEC Flexible Magnets!

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You will love the ASTONISHINGLY LOW PRICES on AEC Magnetics' flexible magnets with adhesive in February.  Stick this handy, flexible magnetic material on any surface you'd like to make magnetic. Customers can't get enough of it.  They use flexible magnets for energy and noise dampening in tight spaces, like engine compartments, control boards, sign-making, keeping small, ferrous parts in place at work stations, in tool boxes and in tool trays and really, for so very much more. There is not a shop in the world that won't benefit from having a strip of flexible magnetic material standing by.  With ordinary scissors, simply snip a strip from your 100 foot roll, stick it where you like and you're in business.  We have flexible magnetic material in stock, ready to ship to you right now.  Call us, and we'll get it out the door.  It has never been cheaper and it will NOT last at this price.