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AEC Sees China Shipping Delays; Here's What To Do
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AEC Sees China Shipping Delays; Here's What To Do

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AEC Magnetics is experiencing shipment delays from our China permanent magnet suppliers. This is due to measures that country is taking to treat, and prevent, the spread of, SARS-CoV-2, “coronavirus.” China’s government-imposed quarantines, designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, are slowing production and shipment of most everything manufactured in China. A vast majority of the world’s permanent magnetic material is mined and produced in China. 

bill aec price increaseWhile AEC Magnetics’ inventory remains robust, its president, Bill Klaus, suggests businesses that rely on permanent magnetic tools and equipment re-think their longer-term needs.  “I strongly suggest re-evaluating your short- and long-term needs, get orders in the pipeline, and ensure a continuous supply of your critical materials.”  

AEC can also help this way, said Mr. Klaus.  “AEC will warehouse your future needs at no extra cost, and release them on your schedule, to minimize any delays to you, or your customers. We anticipate continuing coronavirus effects on China supply and shipping, but we cannot accurately anticipate the length, or breadth, of thse delays.”   

Klaus said that AEC’s experience offers an advantage, however:  “We at AEC Magnetics have spent 30 years developing a diverse supply chain in China.  While we are able to leverage our needs across multiple vendors, we do anticipate delivery delays.”

Thursday, February 27, China President Xi Jinping said, “We have the confidence, the ability and the certainty to win this war against the epidemic.” Famed Chinese respiratory disease specialist Zhong Nanshan predicted China’s outbreak should be “basically under control” by the end of April.

“Today’s news is hopeful,” said Mr. Klaus, “and we have terrific suppliers whom we’ve been doing business with for decades.  The uncertainty remains, however.”