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Coronavirus Spotlights Vulnerability
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Coronavirus Spotlights Vulnerability

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As tens of millions of factory workers begin to return to China’s production lines, demand for automation, especially industrial robotics, is growing.  Automotive, electronics and smartphone companies are challenged in China, and worldwide, by lack of staff during the coronavirus situation.  China manufacturing has been disrupted by quarantines, isolation periods, checkpoints and roadblocks, leaving many companies with without sufficient staff to run full production lines.  

Bill making industrial magnets“China is the world’s largest market for industrial robotics,” said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics, industrial automation specialists based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  “Prior to the coronavirus disruption, we saw an uptick in interest in automation equipment. While China was already experiencing a ‘robotics revolution,’ with a goal of reducing labor costs and increasing productivity, this disruption exposed a significant vulnerability for manufacturers. Now, China manufacturers, and manufacturers worldwide, are anxious to prevent a similar future situation, contributing to an even sharper upswing in industrial robotics and factory automation.”  

Mr. Klaus stresses that interest in factory automation preceded the coronavirus disruption and was not limited to China “AEC supplies industrial automation equipment worldwide, and we have been aware of this upward trend—in China and in manufacturing worldwide—before coronavirus.  Besides reducing labor costs and increasing productivity, manufacturers are interested in safety, predictability and now, of course, dependability.”  

AEC Magnetics has experienced an upsurge in both custom and off-the-shelf electromagnetic solutions.  “We prefer to incorporate our magnetic solutions into the design stage of automation,” said Mr. Klaus.  “This is the most cost-effective, efficient solution, and our customers are always surprised at the affordability.”  AEC provides magnetic solutions for existing production lines: End-of-arm-tooling for robotics, pick and place, hold, bundle, lift, transfer and many other magnetic services for automation. Please contact Bill Klaus, or any magnetic specialist at AEC Magnetics, if you see a possibility of automation working for your application.