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Happy Birthday, AEC Magnetics!
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Happy Birthday, AEC Magnetics!

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

richard klausAEC celebrates its 59th birthday today, April 1, 2020.  We thank you, Richard M. Klaus. You left your successful engineering career at a renowned valve manufacturing company, struck out on your own and created AEC Magnetics.  Your customers, employees and family are grateful to carry on your tradition of providing magnetic solutions.

“Anyone can sell a magnet,” said Bill Klaus, AEC Magnetics president.  “AEC is different than its competitors.  We provide magnetic solutions to make automation safer, faster and more affordable.”  Bill has been designing, manufacturing and selling magnetic solutions at AEC since 1982.

Bill Klaus AEC President Desk“Like my dad, I really enjoy listening to customers’ applications and finding magnetic solutions.  It is genuinely satisfying to me to provide value, but I am also truly interested in what people are making and how they’re making it.”  This, he emphasizes, is a big part of what makes AEC different than purchasing magnets on the internet.  “Anyone can sell anything, especially on the internet. What we offer is genuine interest and unmatched experience.  We believe that is real value—value that is extraordinarily important at this time.”

Join us in celebrating our 59th birthday. Our birthday wish is for the success of your business, and a safe, healthful world by the time we celebrate number 60!  Salud!