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AEC Magnetics + Covid-19
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AEC Magnetics + Covid-19

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 bill aecmagnetics mask 400The effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic have thankfully been minimal at AEC Magnetics, but caution is the word in AEC's manufacturing facility. "The safety of AEC employees, customers and vendors is a priority for us," said Bill Klaus, president of AEC Magnetics.  Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, AEC manufactures automation equipment for worldwide industrial applications and, as an essential business, has continued uninterrupted during Ohio's mandated COVID-19 closure.  "We have been continually manufacturing and shipping automation equipment and industrial magnetics during this time," Klaus said, noting AEC had not missed a shipment during the pandeic.  "That said, our sharpest focus has been on keeping a safe workplace." AEC's safe workplace directives are based on the State of Ohio safe practices, Occupational Safety and Heatlh administration guidelines and  common sense.  "We re-examine, refresh and review our guidelines every week, or more often if ecessary, to reduce the possibility of infection, and to promote good health in general."

bulletin board covid aecmagneticsSome other steps AEC is taking include temporarily suspending all walk-in business, changing workflow to minimize employee interaction, reducing or eliminating passing paper and forms, distancing work stations, making available personal protective equipment, cleaning and sanitizing products, reducing touches on deliveries and employee education.  "Our employees are invaluable and we want them to stay safe.  Like everyone these days, we are ecouraging frequent hand-washing, distancing and ongoing best practices education.  In this uncertain time, we share as much information as we can from trusted sources in the name of safety."

 Disruption has been minimal, if not absent, for AEC customers.  "We continue to design, create and manufacture the same equipment as we did prior to the pandemic," said Mr. Klaus.  "Our electromagnets, small electromagnets, lift magnets, power supplies, neodymium and permanent magnetsn and tooling are moving through their processes without interruption.  We are shipping as normal, and keeping automation lines running worldwide at this time."  

pat mask aecCustomers are welcome to call to discuss their applications with Bill Klaus, or any AEC specialist.  Every person here is ready to listen to your application, recommend affordable, solid solutions and respect your budget. "AEC is not here to sell magnets," said Mr. Klaus, "it is here to provide magnetic solutions for automation."  Flip through our website to see our inventory of permanet and electromagnets, power supplies, magnetic tools and our magnetic services--we certify, refurbish and restore old magnets.  We also design the industry's finest custom magnetic solutions.  

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