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Industrial Automation To The Rescue
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Industrial Automation To The Rescue

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Manufacturers are performing some crazy gymnastics to continue production through the pandemic. Reconfiguring workstations for safe distancing. Re-aligning workflow to compensate for unpredictable attendance. Juggling unpredictable sales and erratic cash flow. Walking a narrowing loss-margin tightrope for re-work, waste and downtime. Balancing the unrelenting demand of continual problem solving and critical thinking skills.   What will calm the erratic turbulence?

Automation is one answer.  

robotic arm graphicManufacturers have a big appetite for industrial automation right now. Just two months into the pandemic, Fortune Business Insights raised its industrial automation market prediction by a hefty $9 billion to $296.7 billion This week, ReportLinker reported the global collaborative robot market alone, valued at $573 million in 2019, will almost triple by 2025.

Why automation? Why robotics? Why the sharp rise?  For one, now is the time to invest.  Automation design-to-install costs are declining and offer a solid return on investment for manufacturers right now.  Global manufacturers are also looking for predictability to temper the volatility.  Industrial automation, especially robots and cobots, bring safety, quality, reliability and dependability factors to the manufacturing floor.  Cobots, a portmanteau of “collaborative” and “robots,” are automation devices used in direct collaboration with humans to accomplish various tasks.  Thus, the human and robot form a team, working together.  Their alliance increases the other’s ability, and ameliorates the other’s limitations, resulting in overall improvement of a task.

AEC Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing robotic equipment, as well as a wide array of automation equipment, since 1961.  Automation clearly benefits from industrial automation solutions. Tens of thousands of cases support this claim. Whether an automation work cell or a complete automation process, the predictability, quality, safety and reliability are measurable values well worth the investment.

0 bill inspecting controls in electric dept in shopAEC always begins its design-to-build process by listening to customers.  “Listening is the most critical phase of designing and building an automation solution,” said AEC Magnetics president Bill Klaus.  “I will take as long as necessary to listen, and completely understand, the client’s goals and concerns,” he said.  “But it goes further. Also critical to me is understanding how the application will fit into the overall picture.  The legacy operations.  Current and future demand.  Unrelated operations, or operations that may piggyback. Smart use of space and power. This dialog is where I can help find value opportunities.”

bill klaus aec magneticsMr. Klaus also says it is imperative customers incorporate AEC into the design process as early as possible in solving an industrial automation solution. “The earlier we’re brought in, the more opportunities I have to find, and incorporate, cost-savings into the solution,” Mr. Klaus explained.   “Integrating automation beyond a single task, and examining the bigger picture, are the differences between an acceptable solution and an exceptional solution. “Any engineering service can build you a cell or design an end-of-arm tool for a specific task. AEC’s tremendous experience, willingness to listen and ask questions throughout the process, and examining the bigger picture bring value to every project.  We are respectful of budget and timeline.  All this, and my personal experience, makes us tough to beat.”  

Mr. Klaus celebrated 38 years of designing and manufacturing automation equipment for AEC Magnetics in 2020.