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Attention Permanent Magnetics Customers
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Attention Permanent Magnetics Customers

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billl check shirt officeAn important message from Bill Klaus AEC Magnetics president:

Update 10/12/21:  Kompasu typhoon warning closes China's busy Yantian port.

Here is a link to the Bloomberg report on the typhoon warning and its effect on shipping.  Historically, China's typhoon season doesn't end until mid-Deember.

"The price and availability of permanent magnets are being significantly affected by recent issues in China.

 China produces most all of the world’s permanent magnets. 

  • Energy Crisis: China is rationing energy due to an energy crisis. The government has just informed manufacturers it is limiting production to four days per week. Plants may only operate four days on and three days off until further notice.
  • Covid Policy:China is continuing its zero-COVID strategy and will continue to order closures for even a single COVID case. Zero-COVID is responsible for a number of shipping and manufacturing delays.
  • Worldwide Shipping Crisis: China shipping is one part of a worldwide shipping crisis that began with the pandemic; shipments from China are among the containers awaiting offloading, transfer and transportation to their destinations.
  • Spring Shut-down: China’s Spring Festival will stop all production from January 15 to February 10, 2022. There is no manufacturing during the Spring Festival. 

Suggested actions:

  • Choose AEC. We have the best logistics partners and best manufacturing partners. We refuse to compromise on quality or grade.
  • Order now to lock in current pricing and book ocean shipping.
  • Order in bulk. AEC offers bulk discounts at certain volumes.
  • Request blanket order service. It’s free. You order in volume, we release your magnets on your schedule."