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Permanent and Electromagnets for Automation
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Permanent and Electromagnets for Automation

AEC Magnetics

Electromagnet and Permanent Industrial Magnetics SpecialistShop AEC for the the finest industrial magnetic products in the industry.  AEC electro- and permanent magets lift, hold, place, release, transfer, position and sort ferrous materials safely, reliably, and economically. AEC tests one-hundred percent of the magnets leaving our Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, manufacturing facility. Each super high-powered neodymium, lift and bar magnet; power supply and accessory; magnetic tool; horseshoe,rare earth and specialty magnet, magnetic lift, sheet handler and sweeper, and custom-designed magnet we ship is guaranteed to perform exactly as promised.

Please, take a minute to browse, see the technical information and photos and select what you like.  Don't worry, if it's not right, return it. AEC welcomes your phone call where our qualified magnetic experts help you find the best solution at a fair price.  Bottom line,  If it's magnetic, it's available from AEC Magnetics.  No one knows industrial magnetics better, let us share our knowledge with you!

If you wish to speak to a salesman, call anyone.  If you want a magnetic solution, call AEC Magnetics.