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Battery Back-up Systems
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Battery Back-up Systems

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Uninterruptable power systems (UPS) provide emergency power to electromagnets in case of power interruption. AEC Magnetics' UPS products safely and seamlessly continue operations in case of power disruption--10 minutes of industrial duty backup power at full load for safe and smooth uninterrupted operation. Keep operations flowing smoothly during outages or interruptions--choose an AEC UPS. 

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Battery Back-up Systems

Number PDF Height Width Depth Volts Watts Weight Mounting
UPS4-1000-110V View 17.50 8.2 17.5 120 VAC 1000 75 Floor
UPS4-3000-110V View 29.8 10.2 26.8 120 VAC 3000 285 Floor
UPS4-5000-110V View 31.0 15.0 30.0 120 VAC 5000 502 Floor