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Alnico V Button Magnets
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Alnico V Button Magnets

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Alnico Button MagnetThe "V" is for "five," indicating its high tolerance for heat and convenient mounting hole.  AEC offers several options, please call to tell us how you wish to use it and our magnetics speciallist will  help you choose the best one for your application.  AEC Magnetics has thousands of magnets, magnetic tools, and magnets that lift, hold, transfer and sort parts.  No industrial magnetics company offers a better customer experience! Please download a copy of our catalog here

Anyone can sell a magnet. Few design a magnetic solution  AEC has provided magnetic solutions for industry since 1961. 

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Alnico V Button Magnets

Number PDF Diameter Height Mnt Hole Weight Power
E-821 View 0.50 0.38 .172 0.06 2
E-822 View 0.75 0.50 .187 0.02 4
E-823 View 1.00 0.63 .187 0.05 8
E-824 View 1.25 1.00 .281 0.11 11