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Magnetic Cup Assemblies
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Magnetic Cup Assemblies

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Cup AssyAEC Magnetics customers love these magnets!  Bonded in a round, brilliant finished steel cup, these mighty magnets have incredible holding power for their size.  Hook, hang, hold--use them on any ferrous surface instead of drilling a hole in the wall.  We use them to hold parts in place and post important announcements, but they are so convenient we are sure you will join our customers in finding hundreds of uses for them.   See the sizes and holding powers below?  If you need something different, tell us!  We specialize in sourcing everything magnetic.  AEC's convenient blanket order system is a no-fuss way to keep stocked up on these permanent magnetic cup assemblies, and we love volume orders. 

 Give AEC a call and try one, like it or your money back. 

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Magnetic Cup Assemblies

Number PDF Diameter Height Hole Handle Power
MA-125-H View 1.42 0.28 0.187 NO 15
MA-175-H View 2.06 0.32 0.187 NO 35
MA-238-H View 2.65 0.38 0.250 NO 80
MA-287-H View 3.20 0.44 0.281 NO 110
MA-338-H View 3.75 0.50 0.313 NO 120
MA-454-H View 4.90 0.50 0.500 NO 210