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LIFT ELECTROMAGNET LOOKINGUP 300To get the most lift for the dollar—safely—AEC Magnetics is your best choice.  

AEC stock and custom lift magnets guarantee a generous, safe, affordable lift for your flats, rounds, tramp, bundles, structural, billets, plate, slab, hot material and specialty applications.  AEC lift magnets are your safe, valuable choice:  safe because the load is attached and lifted by magnetic force instad of slings hooks, chains and humans; valuable because they offer generous liftingi power for the cost.  Plus, with no mechanical grabbers, hooks or chains, your product is protected from marring or damage in the process.  Whether you choose electromagnetic lifts or permanent magnets, AEC can help you choose the holding power, size and price you are looking for--or else make it for you. Please note: all holding powers listed on our website are in pounds. 

Call AEC to discuss your application and to find a safe, affordable lift.