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Permanent Magnetic Lifts
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Permanent Magnetic Lifts

AEC Magnetics

JLM Lift Magnet Permanent 300No power? No problem with permanent magnetic lifts from AEC Magnetics.  These never need power, never need recharging.  Use them out in the field to lift pipe, flats, debris by hand, or hang them on a jib or crane and you have a tremendous, safe and powerful lifting solution.  These permanent lifts come in a variety of sizes--small enough to use by hand, or large enough to handle the heaviest-duty jobs.  Improve safety and productivity  in the field at a reasonable price, try a permanent magnetic lift and see why they are so popular.  We will be glad to talk to you about AEC permanet lifts, please call. Note: all holding powers listed on our website are listed in pounds.

AEC permanet magnetic lifts never need re-charged and last a lifetime. 

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Permanent Magnetic Lifts

Number PDF Width Length Height Weight Flat Capacity Round Capacity
JLM-0275 View 2.7 6.1 5.4 9 275 110
JLM-0550 View 3.6 8.4 7.3 24 550 335
JLM-1100 View 4.8 11.8 9.8 59 1100 650
JLM-2200 View 6.9 14.1 11.7 139 2200 1100
JLM-4400 View 9.2 18.8 16.0 180 4400 2200