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Magnet Repairs
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Magnet Repairs

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Call us, show us or ship us your non-functioning electromagnets and AEC will repair them for pennies on the dollar, compared to buying new.  AEC models are quoted immediately, and competitors' models when we receive them in-house or see a photo that shows what's required to bring it up to shape. Our 55 years of experience rebuilding and repairing all brands of electromagnets means the most comprehensive care in the industry for your magnet, including:

  • Replacing the old coil with newly-wound, high-grade copper coil
  • Replacing and testing the electrical components
  • Replacing old epoxy with fresh, strong composite material
  • Repairing worn components, such as eyebolts and forgings; and,
  • Refinishing the exterior with a nice coat of bright paint and finishing touches

AEC guarantees its work and uses the best materials.  Others don't. We know--we repair them!