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Rectangular Rare Earth Magnets
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Rectangular Rare Earth Magnets

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RECTANGULAR MAGNET STACK SHINY NoBGHave limited space but need maximum strength? Choose an AEC retangular magnet for terrific size-for-strength ratio at a great price. Bowse through AEC's inventory of high-quality, super strong permanent magnets in every shape, size and strength, in stock, ready to ship.  If the specifications on the rectangular magnets you see below dont quite fit your needs, please do not hesitate to call us for a multitude of rectangular magnets in different sizes, strengths and grades.  Please note, all powers listed are in pounds.

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Rectangular Rare Earth Magnets

Number PDF Length Width Thickness Grade
NP0500X0250X0063 View 0.50 .25 .063 NP42
NP0500X0500X0125 View 0.50 .50 .125 NP42
NP0750X0500X0250 View 0.75 .50 .250 NP42
NP0750X0750X0375 View 0.75 .75 .375 NP42
NP1000X0250X0125 View 1.00 .25 .125 NP42