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Magnetic Tools

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Sheet Handler Magnetic tool

You will have a life-long tool if you choose an AEC Magnetics permanent magnetic tool.

Extremely durable and affordable, AEC magnetic tools work anywhere--no power needed! Sweep up metal debris from the floor, yard, parking lot, road or mill. Lift pipe, structural shapes, sheet metal, and all ferrous materials or parts. Retrieve small screws, bolts, parts and pieces from the hardest to reach places. Hold tools, brushes, supplies, plans and drawings conveniently in place where you need them. In the field, or shop; manufacturing floor, home or office, AEC magnetic tools  are guaranteed to report to work, ready for duty, wherever and whenever you need them. Download our catalog if you like; if you do not see the magnetic tool you are looking for, chaces are we can find it fast, please call.

AEC Magnetics tools make the workplace safer and save time.