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Magnetic Floor Sweepers
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Magnetic Floor Sweepers

AEC Magnetics

magnetic floor sweeper 300AEC Magnetics permanent magnetic floor sweepers never need power and last a lifetime. They make quick work of FOD and metal debris like nuts, bolts, screws, scrap, shavings and slag.  The floor sweeper works best on sooth surfaces like factory floors or walkways.  For tougher terrain, check out our yard sweeper. So easy to operate and so affordable!  If you are looking for a more rugged sweeper for roads or unpaved surfaces, please check out the AEC yard sweepers. Call us with questions, we'd love to help!

AEC floor and yard sweepers easily collect metal. 

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Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Number PDF Height Width Handle Wheels
FLR-18 View .5 to 2.5 18 48 6
FSR-14 View .5 to 2.5 14 48 6
FSR-24 View .5 to 2.5 24 48 6