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Magnetic Sheet Handler
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Magnetic Sheet Handler

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Sheet Handler300We can't make these quickly enough!  AEC guarantees you will love the convenience and durability of our customer-favorite, the AEC Magnetics sheet handler It lifts and fans sheet metal, picks up bar, channel and any ferrous material, and NEVER NEEDS POWER. Easy one-hand on-off operation makes it a terrific tool to have on factory floor, garage, shop or truck.  AEC Magnetics permanent sheet handlers come in a variety of holding powers, are very affordable and last a lifetime.  Call us to see which model is best for you!

AEC stops the knuckle-busting in fanning sheet metal.

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Magnetic Sheet Handler

Number PDF Length Width Depth Height Weight Working Load
SH-100 View 6 3.50 1.375 8.75 3.50 50
SH-250 View 6 6.00 1.375 8.75 6.75 125
SH-400 View 6 6.00 1.375 8.75 6.75 200
SH-600 View 6 7.25 1.375 8.75 8.25 300