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Pocket Magnets
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Pocket Magnets

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pocket magnet 300Take this handy magnet to work, keep it in your car or in your toolbox or on your keyring!  Pocket magnets are small enough to fish around small places for lost nuts, bolts, screws and springs and so much more.  It's small, it never needs power and it's affordable enough to get several for yourself and as gifts!  In high demand by IT technicians, automobile repair techs and crafters, this is the handiest magnet you'll own. Call us for big orders, they make great gifts!

AEC recommends buying a few extra...these tend to "disappear" easily!

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Pocket Magnets

Number PDF Diameter Length Lift Power
FM-504 View 0.50 0.5 5
PM-50 View 0.05 2.3 5
PM-60 View 0.75 2.6 7