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Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish
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Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish

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aec dead magnetAEC Magnetics doesn't only make industrial magnets, electromagnets, magnetic tools and such.  

We take great pride in repairing and refurbishing magnets.  We hear from so many manufacturers who find old, rusty, non-working electromagnets around their manufacturing facility and timidly ask, "Do you think you could fix this?"  We usualy can, not always--we won't jeopardize safety to save money, but we will take a look, give you an estimate, send you photos or video if necessary to explain, and then get to work.  

greg dynamometerOur expert magnet technicians dig out the old stale epoxy, rewind the coil with brand-new magnet wire, give it a fresh pour of epoxy and polish and paint so the fit and finish meets our standards and yours.  

We are often asked if we repair and refurbish our competitors' magnets, and that's a resounding yes. AEC magnet technicians spend much more time rebuilding competitors' magnets :-) than our own. We also certify and inspect magnets, too.  

Go look and see if you have some "dead" magnets you can round up.  Pennies on the dollar versus new magnets, our refurbishing services can't be beat.