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Magnet On Trampoline

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woolywillie aecmagneticsBack in the day, most of us had our first encounter with magnets at Woolworth's, when we'd plunk down 29-cents for a Wooly Willy, that plastic bubble-covered cardboard face. It came with a cool llittle magnet, and the plastic bubble over Willy's face was filled with metal shavings. You'd just pull it around to make carzy mustaches, weird beards and wacky hair-dos; then shake and repeat.  Those more curious about magnets sprinkled iron filings on a piece of paper set on top of a magnet to see the invisible lines of magnetic force.  And now, on the Magnetic Games Channel on YouTube, you can see these lines in three dimensions. Gizmodo has a fascinating feature about a permanent magnet bouncing on a trampoline contraption covered in magnetitie.  Thank you, super-slow-mo camera!  neos in box 400
AEC Magnetics has all strengths and sizes of superstrength permanent magnets in a myriad of holding powers and dimensions. We have magnetic experts who would love to answer your questions about permanent magnets for industrial automation.  See how tiny magnets are big workhorses in industrial magnetics. They are used to hold, affix, sift, lift--and they never need power!  It's incredible the strength these mighty magnets have for their size. We have been in business since 1961 and can answer most any question about permanent and electromagnets. Please browse through our permanent magnets and magnetic toolng to see for yourself!   If it's's AEC!