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The Excitement of Possibility
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The Excitement of Possibility

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bill with cakeCongratulations to the president of our company!  Today, August 2, 2021, marks the 39th anniversary of Bill Klaus's "temporary job" at AEC Magnetics.  Or, as Bill would say, my 40th year begins today.  Bill joined AEC Magnetics in a temporary role while he interviewed for jobs. Having just been graduated with two degrees, one in engineering and the other in business, Bill spent the summer criss-crossing the country in search of a career that would challenge his mechanical aptitude and business acumen.  Bill's dad, AEC Magnetics founder Richard Klaus, spent the summer in search of someone with mechanical know-how and business sense.  Bill set aside his short-list of Fortune 100 companies to help his dad's business. Bill's short-list turned into a long-term gig making the world's finest automation equipment for AEC Magnetics. "The excitement of possibilities and solutions has never gotten old for me," said Bill.  "Really loving what you do is the only way you can sustain such a career successfully." bill family
 "Most people have hobbies, like working crossword puzzles or Soduku," said Bill's son, Jack Klaus, a University of Toledo medical chemistry graduate.  "Our dad loves figuring out how to make things work better, more efficiently and finding the right value 'sweet spot.' It is part of his DNA, I think.  Bill's daughter, Jane, who is also an Ohio State business graduate, credits her dad's incredibly deep knowledge base with much of her success.  "Bill Klaus has the most tremendously fresh ideas, flexibility and curiosity, but probably the one thing his customers benefit most from is his patience and listening skills.  My dad is an earnest listener and will take as much time as a customer needs to explain his challenge. It has been my experience that listening and meaningful consideration are not as common as they once were."  IMG 2336
Bill's wife, Patty, who also works with Bill at AEC, says she never stops marveling at Bill's abiity to provide solutions to such a myriad of requests while always being patient and respectful.  "Our tag line should read, 'If it's's Bill Klaus,' because if he's not done it, he's heard it, solved for it, or knows who has.  I can't imagine anyone searching on the internet for a magnetic solution because Bill knows how magnets behave in any industrial setting.  He's designed so many solutions for automation, and shares his advice for free.  He enjoys it more than I can say.  Sometimes I'll have to give him the hairy eyeball when I think he is starting to re-design someone's' entire operation or their kitchen, kind of bind the scope a little bit. He simply loves solving for effiency, value and quality."  Bill and his family are grateful to "Papa" for starting the business 60 years ago and Bill's' family is grateful he lost his short list and gained his long-term success at AEC Magnetics.